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REVIEW: IQ by DaVinci

REVIEW: IQ by DaVinci

HEY EVERYBODY! So excited for today’s review as the unit we are looking at is a direct descendent of one of my first vaporizers…. the DaVinci IQ!!

Okay…. so vaporizers have come a long way since 2011 and the IQ is a shinning example of where they are headed! Back in the day, one of my first vapes was the original DaVinci or the “walkie-talkie” vape as I called it because the whip mouthpiece and venting made it look like a walkie-talkie! The OG DaVinci was a simple conduction vape that was a solid little performer! I’m sure if it didn’t unexpectedly find a new home after a wild weekend a few years back I’d still be pulling it out from time to time!

Flash forward to the IQ and we’ve gone from a simple little workhorse to what I’ve been calling “the Porche of vaporizers”. The IQ takes portable build quality to a whole new level with the elegant design, superior engineering and the use of Ceramic Zirconia in the air path and mouthpiece.

There is also a new way to use the IQ with something called “Smart Paths”. A Smart Path is a preprogrammed session that has a predetermined start and end temperature then over the course of 10 minutes cascades you through. I thought it was going to be gimmicky but I find myself really digging it and it saves me from “temperature surfing” throughout my session. There are four Smart Paths to choose from OR you can go in classic mode and pick whatever temp you want with to the degree accuracy.

And techies will be happy to know there is an optional DaVinci app that will let you control your device that way. Me, I’m old so I’m super happy that this is 100% optional and you loose zero functionality if you choose to use the IQ without the app.

Now lets get to performance…. the IQ is a monster! I love it! DaVinci is saying they’ve employed something called 360 degree heating which means that your herbs are cooked from all directions… I don’t know the hows or whys but I do know that this thing hits as well as my desktop units. Convection flavour but all the density of a conduction vape. So good!

So yeah, I recommend the DaVinci IQ. To me it’s a no brainer, if you like cannabis and its in your budget, the IQ will elevate your game.


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