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REVIEW: Mary J Munchies Medicated Milkshakes

REVIEW: Mary J Munchies Medicated Milkshakes

THE FIRST TIME I came across Mary J Munchies was through the increasingly popular cannabis pop-up markets in Toronto. At the time, they were focusing on mostly brownies and cookies, but today they offer a wide range of edible goodies to choose from.

Mary J Munchies are a relatively new company and offer several kinds of brownies and cookies, gummy candies, and their latest Medicated Milkshakes that come in several delicious flavours. Operating initially solely on instagram, you can imagine their social media game is on point, with giveaways, contests, and even customer appreciation events being posted on their instagram page regularly. Follow them on @maryjmunchies905 to find out more.

I bumped into Mary J Munchies at Toronto’s Planet Paradise weekly market event. I always love seeing these guys because they’re such a friendly bunch! Soon enough, I had 4 bottles of their freshly made milkshakes in my hands which I knew I just had to review! I  had tried a vanilla milkshake and other edibles in the past which were great, but this time I got a chance to try 4 different flavours; Cookies n Cream, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate Mint. My mouth was watering and I was eager to get to ‘work’! With THC distillate becoming the new trend among edible makers, it makes it possible for so many new and innovative products like these to hit the market!

The bottles are sealed with tamper proof lids and nicely labelled with their branding, appropriate warning, and a strong dose of 200mg THC! Priced at $10, it’s a great price for the strength and novelty of product. It would be nice to see some ingredient information given that its an edible product, but nevertheless, I was excited to try these different milkshake flavours that were selling like hot cakes at the market!

The first out of the bunch was Cookies n’ Cream. I adore Oreos, so I was eager to crack this one open. I gave it a good shake and took a swig and was pleasently surprised to detect no cannabis flavour whatsoever, which meant nothing to interfere with the pleasant taste of the shake! A little sweet for my tastes but still a great flavour and tecture. A vanilla base with pieces of oreo cookie crumbs and chunks floating around made this just as good as any commercial-grade cookies n’ cream shake one could get at a regular store or ice cream shop. 

I had this shake when I knew I wouldn’t be able to smoke for a few hours and it definitely came in handy. Given the fact that the infusion is in a shake allowed me to feel the effects a little faster than a typical edible, with effects creeping in within 45 minutes. For the next couple of hours, I was in a hazy bliss with little to no lethargic after-effects.  As it states on the label though, it is a strong dose so someone without a high tolerance should really drink these slowly.

Next on the line was vanilla. I had tried this one before, but it seems as though some improvements have been made since then. When I took a swig I instantly noticed that it had cake or cookie pieces and crumbs in it, similar to their cookies n’ cream shake. It felt almost like having a freshly blended vanilla milkshake with cake pieces in it! Just like the cookies n’ cream shake, the effects and dose was consistent, leaving me in a nice dreamy state for a few hours after.

Up next was Strawberry! Tasting just like a typical strawberry milkshake should, it went down like a charm and brought me back to my years as a child when I’d drink strawberry milk often. This shake also had some pieces in it, but this may have just been some of the unblended powder mix they’re using. Overall, still a great tasting shake with consistent effects with the others.

Last but not least was Chocolate Mint. Not a major fan of chocolate mint, I wasn’t as excited to have this one, but to my surprise, it tasted just as good as the others! No pieces in this one, but a thicker shake-like consistency, which was smooth and rich in flavour. Plus, I don’t think it was as sweet as the others, which I liked.  Effects again were consistent like the others.

It’s so nice to come across new edibles, especially infused drinks which are not as common, and having a chance to try these May J Munchies Medicated Milkshakes was such a treat! The variety in products and flavours these guys are carrying is amazing, and these milkshakes were no different. Once they get some some ingredient and possibly nutritional info on their labels, they are bound to make their mark in the edible industry, and I’m sure their whole line would fly off the shelves in a heartbeat (if they aren’t already!).

Thanks again to the Mary J Munchies crew for being so friendly and for the opportunity to try their products! We look forward to bumping into you guys again soon and trying more of your lovely products!




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Written by Gideon B for Skunk Magazine



Gideon is a graphic designer, writer, and consultant with and assists several cannabis-related brands and companies across Canada. 

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