REVIEW: Products by SEC

PRODUCTS BY SEC are a new Vancouver based boutique infused cannabis edible company, specializing in artisan and handcrafted gummies with varying doses of lab-tested, solvent-free THC distillate. They even offer a useful “How To Find The Perfect Edible Treat” flowchart, and a “Cannabis Consumption FAQ” section on their website to educate and reinforce safe consumption for their customers.

After coming across their beautiful gummies on instagram, I had to get in touch to express my praises and they were kind enough to send me two samples of every single kind of their edibles! With 6 kinds of gummies in their product line, I was in for a treat and had to make sure I rationed these out responsibly! As a graphic designer, I also have to say how much I love their labelling and their colourful designs, with each pack using different colour combinations in their logo and label design, with clear ingredient, warning, and dosing information. It’s these finer touches that truly make products stand out above the rest.

Butterfly High 

With one in each pack it was this gummy that first caught my attention on instagram, not only for their size and tie-dye like combination of colours, but because each gummy is individually made by hand, making each one completely unique with its own pattern of colours. So beautiful in fact, I didnt know they were edible at first! I also love how they use the butterfly for emphasis in their marketing with their description of this goody, stating “experience the butterfly effect” which I believe I did with this heavy-hitter! You can say it floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!

Being a regular cannabis smoker and edible eater, my tolerance is high to say the least, so given that this was their strongest gummy in their line, I made sure to have this gummy first on an empty stomach early in the day. This made sure nothing interfered with its effects. It’s texture was great. Not too soft or chewy with a sweet sherbert-like flavour.  Effects slowly crept in after around an hour with effects peaking on the 2-hour mark. Infused with THC, the gummy gave me some body buzz and left me feeling quite hazy, with a strong cerebral high.  I was very satisfied with the strength of the “high” so I would warn anyone inexperienced with edibles to try these with caution!

Lucky Dice

With two in each pack, these 150mg THC dosed dice are cutely shaped like a large white and red dice. Perfect for any 420-friendly parties! The white is banana-flavour and the red reminded me of a strawberry jello. Being a gummy block, these are thick and chewy and I really enjoyed biting into these bad boys. Given my experience with the Butterfly High, I had a feeling I was in luck with these dice! With 150mg of THC in each, they are certainly not for the novice edible eater.

I had planned to dedicate a whole afternoon to trying the Butterfly High and Lucky Dice gummies, so being brave, I had these around 3 hours after I ate the Butterfly High. This ensured that by the time my first gummy was beginning to wear off, the dice would prolong the effects and carry them into the late afternoon.

I find the dice peaked at the 2-hour mark, consistent with the Butterfly High and my plan was quite the success. Any body buzz I didnt feel prior, was now quite present, putting me in a noticeable couch lock and watching TV like someone hypnotized for quite some time.

The second time I tried these lucky dice it was on a day when I was sick with a cold and didn’t want to smoke, so I decided to have them both in one sitting. It wasn’t long before my eyes were feeling incredibly warm and heavy, and the two gummies combined made me feel almost comatosed during their peak. Not for the novice user indeed, and even those with a high tolerance should not gamble with these dice!

Hidden Gem 

These dense, gorgeous gummies are multi-coloured, gem-shaped and dosed at 100mg of THC in each. With two in each pack, there’s always a backup if you find you’re brave enough for the second. You can definitely say these precious stones will get you stoned. It’s great to see that Sec make a real effort in creating a variety of unique molds and colour combinations to keep all their gummies interesting, and these gems certainly continue that trend.

Given the shape of these gummies, I loved how dense and solid these were, making them very chewy and fun to bite on. They tasted sweet and had a blue raspberry flavour that was tasty and consistent with any commercial candies one would find in a regular store.

Happy Hour 

These cute gummies are quite large and shaped like 3D cocktail drinks, even complimented with their own shaped gummy ice cubes or fruit slices on the rim! A perfect replacement for an alcoholic cocktail, these gummies are large and sold as single gummies dosed at 50mg of thc. Perfect as a starter to your Saturday night out!

The first one I tried looked like an orange cocktail with its own orange slice on the rim and tasted just like an orange popsicle. Sweet and tangy, and ever so chewy given its thick 3D mold.

The second one I tried was their “Old Fashioned”, looking like a glass of brandy or rum with ice and the moment I opened the bag I could smell it too! I took a bite… Wow! Was this rum and coke I was tasting?! Amazing! A nice change from your typical cola bottle gummies and very innovative indeed. Definitely more appealing to the adult alcohol fans that you might be trying to bring to the green side!

Given that I had two of these bad boys, I definitely didn’t need a drink and just like their colourful butterfly counterparts, these gummies are individually handmade and come in varying colours!

Fruit Salad 

With 4 in a pack, these bite-size fruit-shaped gummies are the lightest dosed in the SEC line at 10mg of THC in each piece. Great for edible novices and people on the go, with each pack containing a lemon, a banana, a grape and a cherry flavour gummy, all shaped like cute, miniature fruit! These tasted great and were a nice snack while I was working, and given the lower dosage these ones gave me a light, functional buzz.

BC Pineapples

Don’t be fooled by these adorable, tiny, golden pineapples! It’s not often you come across pineapple flavoured gummies, let alone pineapple-shaped ones so I was eager to munch on these. More for the average cannabis user, these pineapples are moderately dosed at 50mg ofTHC. 

Given my high tolerance, I decided to bravely munch on both of these in one sitting and went on with my afternoon. I like that they didn’t taste too sweet and tasted similar to a pina colada.


To be honest, I had completely forgotten I ate these pineapples until almost two hours later when in the midst of my work, my mind became increasingly fuzzy, my ass felt heavier, and my spelling mistakes became more frequent! It was only then that I remembered I had eaten them earlier! I take that as a great sign, and to be honest they hit me much harder than I expected. I became far more ineterested in the music I was listening to than in the work I was supposed to be doing! 

I had smoked and dabbed earlier in the day too, so I was pleasently surprised at how effective these BC Pineapples were. 

I am ever so grateful and have to thank you SEC! As a person with a very high tolerance, it’s not often edibles make me feel this good! 

Packaging: 9/10

Visual Appeal: 10/10

Taste/Texture: 9/10

Effects: 9/10

Overall: 9/10


If anyone is looking to find these gummy goodies, they can learn more and seeing their retailers by visiting and feel free to reach out by emailing [email protected]. You can also find them on instagram at @productsbysec.