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Good equipment gives you consistently great results

HEY HEY HEY… Today, my very green amigos, we are going to take a look at some mainstays in my growing dynamic. I’m not like the guy that gets gifted something then raves about it because it was free, and I am really hard on things too—yikes! I’m always on the lookout for high quality and durability, these things that follow have all withstood the test of REvski for a long time. I don’t think any of these things are overpriced, and I can personally vouch for all of them. I have been getting a ton of emails lately asking me what lights I use etc. so let me just do A little condensed article here and rip through several of my essential must haves.

In the summertime I run LEDs that I love and will tell you about below. In the cooler months I run good old 400-watt magnetic ballasts using Agrosun Gold metal halide bulbs in 4’ x 4’ tents; this keeps my temps good all year long, and those halides are awesome as lights and heaters. Don’t think you have to flower under an HPS bulb, seriously, try a balanced spectrum halide like the Agrosun; and I use to use Eye Blue halides to flower—I love them dearly but the price is just way too high in my opinion. All right then let’s rock and roll; and I’ll give you links at the end of the article.

Water Filtration

Both filter units are connected to the hose using a Y-valve
Left to right dechlorinating dual cartridge and 3-stage reverse osmosis water filters

I have two styles of filtration units for my water. One is a 3-stage reverse osmosis (R/O) unit with duel carbon filters. My second one is just a dechlorinating (removes chlorine/chloramine) duel cartridge carbon filtration unit. I get all my filtration units and all my replacement cartridges from Pure Water Products, in Denton, Texas USA. I have used these guys for over a decade and I give them and their products four stars!


The R/O unit I use and have used for at least a decade: Countertop R/O Full Size (Style A) and comes full of cartridges for just under $200.00. The R/O membrane only needs replaced like once every 4 years if you don’t use it all the time for all your household water and just use it for your gardens and other special things (but even if you did it would likely last 3 years easily). I replace the carbon cartridges about once every 6 months, and here are the 2.5” x 9.75” cartridges I use:

  • Input Carbon: MatriKX CTO $16.00 each.
  • Output Carbon: MatriKX CTO Plus $21.00 each.


This filter is called the Double Garden Hose Filter and if you are on city water that is less than 100 PPM, this is a fantastic option for you; if you are looking for very bio/organic friendly water. This baybee just removes all that nasty chloramine that they put in all the tap water these days. Chloramine is a biocide and kills microlife on contact, so you definitely want to remove that crap if you are organic growing in living soil. I replace these carbon cartridges about once every 6 to 8 months and for both of these cartridges I use the MatriKX CTO Plus; and when filtering water through this unit I don’t turn on the faucet full blast, I run it pretty slow so the water is in contact with the carbon longer.


HLG 300 full spectrum LED

Okay, so in the intro I told you about my HID lights, but as far as LED lights go for flowering and veg, these lights work fantastic I couldn’t be happier with them. The HLG 300 has no fans, is full spectrum, and is under $600.00—it runs 285 watts and handles a 4’ x 4’ tent very well indeed. I have used LEDs from these guys for several years now and they keep on ticking, tough as nails; zero failures ever on these lights for me and awesome results.

Buds grown under the HLG 300

I get asked a lot about LED lights and everyone I have turned on to these lights loves them and they are super happy about the price. You can spend a lot more and get a lot less man, I have tested a lot of LEDs and usually the ones that work great are also around $2,000.00 retail. I just don’t think you can beat this deal for this quality and durability. The HLG comes in 3000-kelvin and 4000-kelvin versions as far as color temperature goes, and I would get the 4000-kelvin version, but they both work fantastic.


Gorilla Tents are my number one choice

I don’t think there is an absolutely 100% light-tight tent, but the Gorilla is the closest I have ever seen, and while you wouldn’t want any lights on outside the tents while they are dark for flowering, you can put them into mostly dark rooms or garages etc. and they do great. These tents are super-duper durable and strong, very well made with awesome heavy-duty zippers. These tents are capable of handling a lot of equipment in them if that’s how you like to roll. These tents will cost you just about $400.00 for one like mine. I have seen so many peeps get cheaper (subpar) tents and end up with endless problems. These Gorilla tents are like the Tonka version of tents, and I have had some of mine for over 5 years and never had a problem with any of them.

Cloning Machines

A look inside the running aero cloner
Clone King 36 site aero cloning unit

I have tried out like 6 or 7 different aero cloning machines and for my money, Clone King wins the day. Inexpensive, well built, easy to clean and do maintenance on. I pretty much have 95% or better success rates rooting cuttings in these. They do make much larger units with lots more sites, however, I prefer to have a few smaller 36 site cloners, that way if something ever does go wrong with one of them, I don’t lose all my cuttings. I have used these cloners for more than a decade and never had any issues, I give them two big thumbs up; a real bargain for a nice quality unit.


I hope you got something good out of this little look at a few of my essentials, I recommend all these things whole heartedly. Don’t forget to grab a copy of my latest book, it’s like the “boot camp” for organic growers using living soil. It’s called True Living Organics 2nd Edition, by The Rev. I’ll include a link to my book as well below with all the other links. Happy trails Earthlings, catch ya on the flip-flop.


Pure Water Products:

HLG 300 LED Full Spectrum Light:

Gorilla Tents: These are easily available online and many grow shops also carry (or can get) them.

Clone King 36 Site Aero Cloner:

True Living Organics 2nd Edition by The Rev:

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