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Rev’s Rave: Durban Black

Rev’s Rave: Durban Black

Longer flowering pheno Durban dominant

AVAILABILITY: Breeder Stock at (KOS)

VARIETY NAME: Durban Black

BREEDER/ORIGIN: South Africa and Nebu

SIZE: Medium; Can Get Large Outdoors

WEIGHT/YIELD: Decent to Very Good

FLOWERING TIME: 9 or 10 Weeks Indoors (phenotype dependent)

SATIVA/INDICA RATIO: 60% Sativa & 40% Indica (Approx.)

LINEAGE: – Two Individual Male Durban Poison (The Durban Bros.) x Nebu’s Black Russian

FLAVORS/SMELLS: Many (Most) Smell and Taste like Skittles and Starburst and Honey Oil (see below)

BAG APPEAL: Sugar Coated Buds that Smell Like Candy (some phenos smell sharper/danker instead)

ONSET TIME: 10-15 Minutes

LENGTH OF EFFECTS: 2-3 Hours Semi-Roller Coaster Style (phenotype dependent)


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To be honest I just don’t recall where exactly I got Nebu’s Black Russian from (the maternal P1 breeder for Durban Black)—so these could have been f2 Black Russian I grew as well; I don’t want to make up any stories here, that’s the reality, LoL. She was on the smaller side, just below a medium height I would say, very dense and compact morphology/node spacing. Heavy resin production and her yields were fair; deadly potent.

Another angle of longer flowering pheno Durban dominant
Another angle of longer flowering pheno Durban dominant

The Durban Brothers” were a set of two individual males (P1 paternal breeders) I selected that I sourced from South Africa directly visa vi an old buddy of mine in SA named: Tokestar. We had a great standing dealio for many years where he would send me land race cultivars, usually farmed ones, I would hybridize them and send those seeds back to him to introduce to the SA genepool. It was a beautiful thing.

As far as the Durban Blacks’ effects, this is somewhat phenotype dependent. There are basically two distinct resin profile recombinations and both are very potent indeed. One is more on the dank side of the spectrum with some sweet background tones; this phenotype is also a larger yielding one by about 20% and actually Durban Poison dominant. This one goes 10 weeks as well. This one keeps a lot of the Durban Poison up front and center regarding the baked journey and it takes about 15 minutes to feel it full strength, and she’s a real roller coaster ride up and down for hours; super soaring at times, so very fun.

The faster flowering phenotype of Durban Black
The faster flowering phenotype of Durban Black

The other phenotype of the Durban Black is faster at 9 weeks and keeps a lot of the sweet candy smells and flavors dominant in the terpenes. This high-type is a real time jumper; the kind of cannabis that after enjoying, you suddenly find yourself 2 hours ahead of where you thought you were, and you really have little idea what you have been doing hahahaha. While she tends to be pretty motivational, she’s also “drooling on your shoes weed” as I call it. So… who knows what you may get involved with—wink.

Durban Black with some yummy cookies
Durban Black with some yummy cookies

GROWING INFO: These plants are easy to grow and I have saved clones of each of these Durban Black phenotypes and may be doing a little more breeding with them in the near future over at Kingdom Organic Seeds. The faster phenotype (9 weeks) is a somewhat smaller plant overall, however, either pheno would get large outdoors. If topped these really throw out some axial branches and are great to run at like 6 mains under 400 watts or so.


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