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Rise Higher: How Cannabis Brands Can Thrive in the New Regulated Industry


Rise Higher: How Cannabis Brands Can Thrive in the New Regulated Industry

Rob Siltanen, a famous advertising executive, once said: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

In the cannabis industry, these are the original growers and distributors who sacrificed a lot to build the foundation of the industry . Their belief in the healing power of cannabis transcended above the law, the criticizers, and the shamers. Many of these cannabis industry pioneers risked their lives to achieve the wave of acceptance and legalization that we know today. These people that were once thought of as criminals, pushed the human race forward and changed the world.

Thanks to their sacrifices, the cannabis industry is changing for the better and becoming status quo. The walls of prohibition are being torn down. It’s a victory for the cannabis industry, and for the world.

With any change, however, comes inevitable growing pains. Outside industry players are eager to be part of this new, widely-accepted green rush. These outside players are coming in with money and resources, but little cannabis industry know-how. It’s the OG brands that know the intricacies and healing properties of the plant, but many don’t have the resources to market their brand effectively and educate the masses. How to do we tear down the walls of prohibition without tearing down the brands that got us here in the first place?

Introducing SKUNK TV, powered by Item 9

SKUNK Magazine has teamed up with Item 9, a creative agency that specializes in video-first content, to help cannabis companies with brand and product storytelling. Through this new, cultivated partnership, SKUNK will provide cannabis brands with the tools to rise above the noise, market their product, and tell their stories in a visually captivating way for businesses to increase their brand awareness.

Below is an example of their work on Marijuana Mania, an original series with cannabis industry influencers that provides viewers an insider look at one of the fastest growing industries in America. The series highlights successful cannabis entrepreneur and rapper Berner, to take you on an exclusive trip to the Cookie Fam’s farm to talk breeding and get an inside look at what it actually takes to create some of best strains the world has ever smoked. The series of videos produced by Item 9 generated an aggregate of 5.6 million organic views across 5 episodes.

Marijuana Mania trailer.

For those who aren’t as familiar with SKUNK, our magazine was born in 2003. Today, we are a digital and print multimedia platform that offers opportunity for brands to engage with global the cannabis consumer audience through our print, web, video, and social media channels.

In addition to our media publishing services, we are providing strategic introductions and partnership development services to clients who are looking to expand their footprint in the global cannabis marketplace. Times have changed. Regulations have created a myriad of complexity for business owners and we are here to support and pay homage to the leaders of the green renaissance. Whether it’s through organics, permaculture, leading-edge technology, genetics, philanthropy, empowered consumerism, sustainable business practices, or green ethics. Our mission at SKUNK is to be a stand for the rainmakers and experts who have built this industry and are looking to expand and scale in the regulated cannabis market.

About Item 9

Item 9 is a multi-faceted video creative agency for cannabis brands that was born out of the notable production company, Northbound Films. As a San Francisco based company, Item 9 specializes in cinematic video, video content for marketing, sales and social media channels, product photography, and event coverage. From, documentary series to product and company explainer videos, Item 9 is passionate about telling the stories of OG brands and startups who want to elevate their business and thrive in the regulated global cannabis market.

Example work

Philz Coffee, a popular San Francisco coffee shop partnered with Item 9 to bring the story of their company to life to as well as highlight the quirky and unique culture of their company. This video helped the Philz Coffee team raise $15 million of funding from celebrities such as Jonah hill and Snoop Dogg. It was also featured on TechCrunch.

If you’re a cannabis brand or influencer that wants to rise higher in the industry, reach out to SKUNK Magazine via this link to share your marketing and business goals.


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