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Runtz Strain Report

Runtz Strain Report

What a fantastic year 2020 was for Runtz, with her reputation boosted as Leafly’s Strain of the Year. The plant is visually stunning. Rich purples, electric blues and dazzling lime greens under sugared trichomes. A sight that transfixes, as mesmerizing as the sweet smells of boiled fruit and bubblegum.


BREEDER: Homegrown Cannabis Co.

SIZE: Medium to large.

YIELD: Up to 18oz per plant.

FLOWERING TIME: 56 – 63 days.


LINEAGE: Zkittlez x Gelato.

Runtz is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivators, especially beginners. Her robust vigor helps recovery from all but the worst mistakes, and she responds extremely well to both low and high stress training – the perfect plant for some Kushman Chiropractic. She can double in size when flipped, so folks growing in tents need to plan the flowering stage carefully – make sure she doesn’t push into the lights!

Runtz is probably best-known for resin production – it’s off the charts! While the cured flower clocks a decent 19% THC, the sticky flavors and fruity terps somehow combine to make it feel like double. This baby hits fast and hits hard, and once you’re hit – you’ll want to stay hit.

Those suffering insomnia will love the way she sets you down at the end of the trip. Nice and gentle, no racing thoughts or tapping feet. Just cool, calm, tranquil and, for most, a nice, deep sleep. And a grin so wide you might wake up with sore cheeks!

2020 was the year that put Runtz on the map. 2021 is the year she’ll conquer the world.

GROWING FLAVOR/AROMA: Squashed berries and caramelized sugar.

TOKING FLAVOR/AROMA : Intense, fruity terps take on added spice and a warm, earthy dankness.

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BAG APPEAL: Like holding a rainbow.


LENGTH OF EFFECTS: 2 to 3 hours.

RECREATIONAL: A very happy strain that opens with an expansive, chatty high before slowing things down, relaxing every muscle on the way.

MEDICAL: The stress-busting euphoria sinks blissfully into a calm, sleepy chill-out. Close your door, switch off your phone. She’s just what the doctor ordered.

Insta: @homegrownworld