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Rythm:The Finest Cannabis in New Jersey

Rythm:The Finest Cannabis in New Jersey

I can consider myself very lucky to be able to have a medical reason to enjoy cannabis in New Jersey. Yes, cannabis has just been made legal in our state, but that doesn’t mean you can buy it yet. The NJMMP has been very good to me, thank you. The pressure in my eyes thanks this program so I don’t have to use drops to alleviate my pressure. Medical cannabis reduces my symptoms and I’m generally easier to be around because of the way it helps me feel.

The medical cannabis program here in New Jersey has gotten much better for the consumer in regard to the overall quality of the weed. The cannabis was underwhelming for several years- to say the very least, but now there are many bright spots in the room that need discussing and celebrating. Usually I’m reviewing West Coast herb, so it’s refreshing to taste something from my backyard so to speak. They re-tune my palate and most importantly my head.

This is hard to explain, but even in regard to medical strains of indoor cannabis, there are nuances and various quality levels. Sure, the cannabis in New Jersey is still fiercely expensive, but I can tell you that quality is speaking volumes. And I made some new discoveries in the legal realm of medical cannabis in New Jersey. That’s good for the consumer who wants to smoke the good stuff.

Rise is the “storefront” dispensary located on the fringes of faded-industrial revolution, Paterson, New Jersey. My Pro-Tip disregard your gps and find Route 20. They are on Route 20 just next to a parking lot for about ten cars. It never gets too busy in there so be patient with the lot. They are cognizant of COVID, please remember your mask!  They sanitized my hands before I entered, checked my temperature, processed my card and sent me inside. Calling me by name was truly impressive customer service. They made me feel cared for. This level of watchfulness is job one at Rise, I hope they saw my smile under my mask.

I came to Rise with a purpose. That was to find and experience Rythm. The way sound vibrates through your consciousness, the highest quality cannabis resonates with your chi. If this sound metaphysical then you have stepped into the intellectual side of cannabis. Really fine medical cannabis should alleviate your pain. It works for me, I’m in the program and there are no complaints in this regard. What Rythm is doing is world-class because it works for my particular need. Not everyone can say that.

My choices today were the White Durban and the Banana Cream, both of which I gladly purchased, along with another eighth of the Sunshine OG grown by Verano in Branchburg, NJ. It’s funny for me to imagine all that warehouse space in New Jersey, filled with grows, mind boggling really. How do they do it, well, not so fast. The green wave crushing the white tablecloth end of the liquor business is coming faster than you can say the two words: fine wine. These cannabis cultivars are truly impressive for my palate and they give me just as much enjoyment as drinking and writing about biodynamic and organic wine. After tasting wine and rum- and whiskey while in the off-premise liquor industry, it seems to me that the growers are seeking the purity of their art. Their strains are nurtured for more than mere effect. They are encapsulations of flavor and the pure beauty of the flower.

The eighth of White Durban is extra juicy in the nose, with pine sap notes that give way to cedar and woodsmoke. The sample I have come expertly cured in the handsome black containers with bright yellow top and yellow writing. Rythm is what moves through you, well done my friends to unlock the sense of space and time.

Tasting Notes:


Crushed stones in the front of the palate gives way to pine sap and burning petrol in the nose with a touch of coconut cream pie at the finish. Sweet and mysterious. Not too serious but serious in the adventure to follow.


Hazelnut brittle with toasty cedar with white chocolate across the tongue. (How do they do that?) Further puffs reveal Mexican cola across the lips and mouthwatering touches of early spring strawberries. Impressive!


It works. This is the kind, job well done. I’m remarkably stoned for 2:39 in the afternoon.

The other sample is Banana Cream. This stuff tastes and smells skunky and strangely enough, like a heaping slice of custardy- banana cream pie. It’s really uncanny how delicious this weed tastes. Sure, it’s got all the stuffing that I’m looking for in an Indica dominant strain, it works on my eye pressure. I think this is the kind of cannabis I should be enjoying more often. I think the growers are doing a fine job. And I hope they are as passionate about their work as I am to give them a shout out in Skunk Magazine because I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything as exuberant as this in New Jersey.

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Tasting notes:

Nose: That baby skunk wandering just outside your bedroom window (please don’t disturb it) giving way to dollops of crushed vanilla beans oozing oils into bourbon and custard driven banana cream pie.

Palate: Handmade butter drenched crust and more toasty crust woven in tangles of cedar closet and bursts vinegar driven spring strawberry shrub. Spinning across your tongue follows a decadent and enlightening finish that goes on and on into your imagination. This is the good gear. Impressive.  World class stuff.  Tip of the hat to ye. You are putting New Jersey back into the Garden State (of mind)

Stone:  Oh… my…  This is the sprawl… It really works!


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