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Santa Maria

Santa Maria

GO TO EUROPE and ask about Santa Maria and there are a large number of people who won’t be talking religion. Unless it’s something like “Jesus Christ that weed is nice!” The Santa Maria is a fairly notorious strain in certain circles in places like Amsterdam (to the point of some people getting sick of it) but hasn’t really made its way to North America… yet. Because the strain was a clone (apparently of Brazilian descent) being passed around for about 15 years, it stuck to a certain geographical area but it is now available in seed.

The plants grown out from No Mercy seed I saw had two fairly distinct phenotypes. One that was much chunkier, top heavy and more indica looking. The other was a little less dense but way more frosty. Likely the more sativa influenced offspring. The lower yielding ones were definitely my preference, having a spicier flavor and seemed a bit more cerebral as compared to the muskier large pheno. Both phenotypes provided a very “up” happy buzz.

When it comes to weight, this strain is sort of like a beer guzzling burger eater. Nice and fat. In a room alongside several other well-known strains the Santa Maria was the obvious best yielder due to the chunky tops that were almost falling over from their own weight (even on lower yielding ones.) It also seemed like a fairly easy strain to grow and wasn’t too finicky.

Watch for a name change from No Mercy to Plankt.



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Name: Santa Maria (plankt)
Nationality: No Mercy
Height: 21/2-31/2’
Weight: Above average
Age: 8-9 weeks
Race: 2/3 sativa, 1/3 indica

This article appears in Volume 1 – Issue 3 of SKUNK Magazine.

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