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SKUNK EXCLUSIVE: “The Discarded Debut New Single, “ Pot Stinks”

SKUNK EXCLUSIVE: “The Discarded Debut New Single, “ Pot Stinks”

The Discarded: A Family Affair

Your teenage years are usually the ones where you rebel against your parents. Where you steal
their booze, cut class to smoke weed and start a punk band in your buddy’s garage to thrash
out your teen angst. But what if it was your dad that started a punk band with YOU in your
teens? The Discarded did just that and this father and sons band is the real deal.


In 2016, J.P. Wasson was living in Orangeville ON where he had moved with his two oldest
children, Caden Jax and Jared Dean (who were 13 and 17 years old respectively at the time),
after him and his wife got divorced. A lifelong musician and old school punk rocker, J.P. had
always made music a part of life with his family and now music was the positive outlet they all
needed to move through the aftermath of the divorce. Jared had been learning bass and Caden
had been gifted with a drum kit not long before so it was really a no brainer to start a band.

With J.P. on guitar and lead vocals, Caden on drums/back vocals and Jared on bass/back vocals
the power trio naturally gravitated towards J.P.’s punk rock roots. A friend’s birthday party was
their first show (under the “moniker J.P. and the K!dz”) when J.P’s regular back-up band
couldn’t make it. One day Caden jokingly suggested they should call the band The Discarded, in
reference to his parents’ recent split and the name stuck. Fast forward to 2019 and The
Discarded have released their third album “Not From This Town” (a 5 song ep) and are set to
release their fourth.

We at PUFF Digital have an exclusive sneak peek for you of the first single,
“Pot Stinks”, an anti-opioid/ pro-pot anthem. With their bold, no excuses brand of garage punk
rock and blistering live set (reminiscent of The Ramones’ no nonsense shows), The Discarded
continue to prove they are a family force to be reckoned with.
Drawing from influences such as The Ramones, The Beatles, The Stooges, The Buzzcocks and
punk music from the early 70’s, The Discarded have definitely found their stride with their
latest recorded effort. Set to release their second ep of a 3 ep collection this spring, these boys
are proving that they have an incredible work ethic and drive rivaling that of men twice their

This latest collection of songs marks their third recording working with producer and rock
and roll icon Ian Blurton and it is reflected in the record’s ballsy guitar-driven rock sound that
Ian is best known for. This most recent offering shows that the boys have matured as musicians
and are honing their own personal styles. “Pot Stinks”, their catchy Cramps-esque debut single
addresses the opioid addiction crisis and encourages the listener to smoke weed instead.


While we read all the time about teenagers feeling disengaged and disconnected from society,
The Discarded have shown us that sometimes we are all still teens again playing out our angst
in our buddy’s garage and age ain’t nothing but a number.
Catch The Discarded this March as they tour Ontario in support of their latest ep

By Jen Unbe

The Discarded: About the Band

Three years together and three albums, 2017’s self-titled release, 2018’s “Manifesto” and now, “Not from this Town” a five song EP is the first salvo of 2019 showing a band hitting their stride.

The Discarded hail from a small town just north of Toronto, Canada called Orangeville. They are comprised of sixteen year old drummer, Caden Jax, twenty year old, Jared Dean on bass and veteran punk rocker J.P. on guitar and vocals. Yeah they’re all related but this isn’t any Partridge family reunion. They lay down a brash, garage rocking sound, blitzkerg live shows that doesn’t skip on its share of the catchy original tunes.

The new EP comes out hitting with the title track, “Not From This Town”, about the alienation of being an outsider but having the perspective to see a deeper truth. “I Like To Get High” speaks to the reality of escapism versus ones monthly monetary needs. “Joyful Bits” hints at redemption of an injured soul with “My Life Story” not looking for any sympathy. Finally the album closes with the absurd lyrical title of  “Leg On His Shoulder”. Its punk, its garage, there are grooves and straight up rock and roll with a sound that’s both musically clever yet straight ahead. J.P. lays down a wide swath of Ramones guitars and Jared Dean continues to prove he’s one of the top bassists in punk rock to come along in a while. Caden Jax at sixteen could be described as a reincarnation of Keith Moon or in the very least a burgeoning drum prodigy. Together, the band is tight, heavy and hard hitting.

A family affair worth getting involved in.

Tour dates:

Friday March 8th- Waterloo- Harmony Lunch with Kill Sid

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Saturday March 9th- Toronto- Duggan’s Basement with Punching Nuns

Saturday March 16th- Peterborough- The Garnet with Bowtie Killers

Friday March 22- Newmarket- The Grey Goat Pub with Cadillac Blood & Duck Feet

Saturday March 23- Oshawa- Atria with Nothing Special & Church on Sunday

Sunday March 31- Hamilton- This Ain’t Hollywood (Slam Fest)

For more information or to book an interview please contact Melanie at [email protected]

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