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Skunk Short List: Your Highness Has it All

Skunk Short List: Your Highness Has it All

 It goes without saying that Cannabis, as the human experience, is subjective, so please resist the urge to kill the messenger; I am here to humbly offer up the heat and bring you the most lit shit. I hope you love it. Please get at me if you have any questions or think you yourself have some heat that could be a contender for the SKUNK Short List.

God Save The Queen!

I am going to give the first ever placement on the SKUNK Magazine Short List with one of my favorite LA Legacy brands of all time. This is hands-down the homies at YOUR HIGHNESS. First-class flower, Family-owned, and just plain cool as fuck; this is the first time anyone at SKUNK Magazine has talked about YOUR HIGHNESS, and I am thrilled to change that here and now.

Quick caveat: Consider this the first of many mentions to come regarding the heat they are dishing out at YOUR HIGHNESS, you have been warned. Straight up slaughtering the space right now, I will be continue to keep close tabs on everything epic coming from this brand in the months to come.

Just A (Married) Couple of Growers…

The Royal Family of Reefer at YOUR HIGHNESS has been growing killer craft California Cannabis since before the Prop. 64 days. Setting a standard of growing great weed with precision, attention to detail, and a dedication to the end-user experience they have dialed-in perfectly. 

Becky and Husband Sean lead the helm at YOUR HIGHNESS. Together these two breed seriously superior strains, and have become well-respected for their ability to consistently breed beautiful plants with unique, exciting, and uplifting terp profiles, olfactory expressions, and some undeniably potent effects. 

 A legend in the streets and all-too-often sold-out on dispensary shelves, if you can get your hands on some YOUR HIGHNESS flower you will understand the hype is real and you and can thank me later ?

In addition, the full lineup of YOUR HIGHNESS flower flavors is so fucking fire. Full stop. All their flower is an obvious a must-cop if you ever find yourself thoroughly blessed enough to catch it in stock or on the streets. 

Their creations are nothing short of Terpene-soaked treasures, and I got the great honor of getting my hands on a sizable stash of three fundamental flower offerings from YOUR HIGHNESS. 

Pictured below are the cultivars I sampled – all of which was generously spared from the head stash of The Queen herself, which made it even more special. 

I was really stoked because I was given enough Chroma, Shady Merengue, and Shady Apples to really dig into, sit with for a couple of days to evaluate to determine my favorite one by one. The Shady Apples being hands down some of the most superb Cannabis I have ever consumed, checking all the right boxes and this is not a surprise given the cult like following of this cultivar.

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Above all, I wish I knew about YOUR HIGHNESS much sooner, so just in case any of you were like me, and late to the Royal Ball, go grab that gear now. Most likely though, you will need to wait until this summer like the rest of us mere mortals to cop the the fresh cuts of their terpene-packed flower for yourself. 

Follow @yourhighnessla for all the action – PLUS you should really take a look at their complete line of sick cannabis street culture inspired gear sold globally here and on Zumiez

Straight up, all I can say is stay tuned!

I will be dropping the good word on one dope brand per day. Formatting the SKUNK Shortlist in this way will allow me to dive a little bit deeper with each epic installment than I otherwise could on a monthly list. As always, any spots or shoutouts are never for sale, and I will only ever discuss brands, products, and people that I genuinely deem to be the best of the best in Cannabis currently. Prefer pay-to-play profiles? Please look elsewhere because here at SKUNK we only keep it 100.

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