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Smoke and Shred and Skate on Shrooms

Smoke and Shred and Skate on Shrooms

Can I dose just right to enjoy both the muscle connection from smoking and the unparalleled drive and confidence of microdosing some Golden Teachers and Penis Envies? .25g microdose should begin to affect me approximately 45 minutes into my workout. I am taking care not to overdo it as I am wont to do when the small doses of psilocin and psilocybin course through my body. The last time I microdosed and worked out, I pushed hard for more than 2 hours and then I was out of commission for over a week. *Note to self – don’t do that.*

So I smoke, push it to the limit, feel that second wind, push it some more, and then I skate. Gotta say…it was a perfect morning.

*Towards the end, there is a clip of me totally wiping out on my skateboard two weeks ago :P*


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