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Smoke and Shred – Full Body Workout

Smoke and Shred – Full Body Workout

I cannot overstate how good it feels to exercise when properly medicated. I can work out nonstop with unparalleled focus (actually, combining with microdosing mushrooms, I can go longer, but can be detrimental…more on that later).

The air quality was not the absolute best, so I probably should have stayed inside. However, I needed to feel unconfined and free. MY energy was high (me too) as I made it through clap pushups, leg raises, plank variations, jumping rope, and more.

My workout schedule suffered a lot during these last 6 months, but I am looking forward to the uphill battle…especially since copious amounts of weed and hash will abound. #smokeandshred

Anyone want to join me online? What are you doing to keep up your physique?​

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