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Smoking Weeds with Bad Lungs

Smoking Weeds with Bad Lungs

SMoking Weeds with Bad Lungs

High Skunkers, smoking weeds with bad lungs is something I do just about every day, heh heh. I’m an old stoner and I have repeatedly beat the hell out of my lungs; bigtime in my youth—all my fault for sure. I’m just a tad under 62 years old at the time of this writing. At about 45 years old, I really started to notice I couldn’t really do like a “normal” bongload anymore without paying a heavy price. Getting bad deep coughs, pain taking deep breaths etc.

I know some of you stoners are in the same boat, more or less, with me. I have adapted over the years, mostly because I just don’t like doing edibles—not at all—it just isn’t the ride I’m looking for from cannabis. Eating cannabis produces a much different high-type than smoking (or vaping) cannabis. That being the case, I have found nice ways around the problem. Smoking cannabis with bad lungs is not advisable for sure, but if you are going to do it anyway, let’s make it a little easier on them thar lungs of ours shall we?

Before we roll, let me just say that you want to smoke only all-naturally grown cannabis. Any liquid synthetic fertilization or pest control measures should be a non-starter for your selected herbs to imbibe. Seriously, it’s a biggie! Okay then, let’s roll…

Smoking Weeds with Bad Lungs
All Naturally Grown Organic Cannabis Makes a Lot of Difference to Your Lungs

Vaping Rather Than Smoking is Awesome

Make no mistake here, vaping can make you cough way worse than smoking can, when it comes to the resin expanding. So, it’s potentially damaging as well. Using a high quality vape is important as hell. I highly recommend the PAX 3 portable flower vaporizer. I got mine for just north of 200 bucks a couple years ago. They are quality, and time tested by yours truly. I have used PAX portable flower vaporizers for like a decade or more now. Only owned 4, and that’s because I got one used—mistake.

Anyhow, the PAX has various (4) temperature settings. How I do this myself, with fairly bad lungs, is I use a low temperature setting (2) starting out. I also take single smaller hits starting out, especially to get a grip on just how expand-O some particular cannabis is. Remember this, vaping is not like smoking. Do not try and blow out enough vapor to equal smoking; if you are just exhaling a little vapor, trust me, you’re getting a hit.

Turn it up to power setting number 3 when it seems gone. Take a small initial hit to get a grip, and proceed. I slowly take it all the way up to power setting number 4 sometimes. But it takes a lot of time to get there, about 15 minutes or so. It also takes decent battery power. But well worth it to me. These vapes will be actually be still hitting past when you will think they are. Just remember that. Vapes like the PAX stretch out your cannabis supply huge—I mean, that’s my experience.

Smoking Weeds with Bad Lungs and Stale Smoke

I trust we all know what stale smoke is. Any cannabis smoke that has been sitting in the air for more than a couple of seconds starts getting stale, quickly. Stale smoke will cause a very hard-core cough that actually feels like it is literally tearing up your lungs. It may well be doing that very thing. Okay so, my next little tidbit here is make sure all your smoking devices can be TOTALLY cleared between hits. Many bongs need an extra small hit right after your main hit to release smoke trapped low. Or you can blow them out by pulling the bowl and gently blowing into the bowl stem still in the bong.

Smoking Weeds with Bad Lungs
Ashes That Are White After Smoking Means Good Clean Organic Herbs

Speaking of bongs. They are likely the worst offenders here to bad lungs. Smoking cannabis with bad lungs via bong-hits must be done like you are the ultimate sissy—LoL. Get small V-type bong bowls, with very small stem bore (smaller diameter). Use needle torch lighters to barely singe the bongload and take an uber small hit. This can totally work, if you keep your hits very small, and use a slower drawing bowl type; and, clear ALL stale smoke. Even a tiny bit of stale smoke can mess you up bad.

Basically, in any glassware you want the slower hitting kinds, that also have 100% smoke clearing carburation between hits. This works, you just have to be like OCD on a few things I have mentioned above. I do (super teeny) sissy bongloads fairly regularly. Way better than never any bongloads LoL.

When It’s Doobie-Time, Here’s a Tip

I have heard a lot of arguments regarding the smoothest smoking rolling papers. I will tell you this, my favorite are clear papers. They’re ultra-smooth. If you want to take small hits off a doobie, try it rolled in clear papers. Smoother, by a lot if you ask me. Also, a very important part of smoking flowers in doobies or however, is to remove ALL stem matter possible first. Stems smoke very hot compared to any other part of the buds.

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When Smoking Weeds with Bad Lungs, Summery

Smoking Weeds with Bad Lungs Starts with Quality Organically Grown Weeds
Smoking Weeds with Bad Lungs Starts with Quality Organically Grown Weeds
  • Waterpipes smoke cooler/mellower/smoother than non-waterpipes. As a rule of thumb. Using Ice or even ice water works even better, I think. Cooled smoke gets stale extra fast FYI.
  • Avoid stale smoke like the plague. Heaviest negative lung impact on me personally. Be thorough and OCD-like about avoiding this.
  • Vapor doesn’t get stale like smoke. Vaporizing was a savior to me, and it allows me to enjoy the weeds without any bad lung consequences; when done like I said, above in this article. Get a quality vaporizer only here, PAX 3 rules. Sometimes my lungs get so bad I can’t even vape for a couple of days.
  • Even if I cough from too much expansion in the vapor, I swear the cough is very lung-clearing and productive—I know it’s a small detail but it has always impressed me that way. On the lower setting (2) the PAX 3 takes a long time to vape the bowl, be patient, enjoy, heh heh.
  • Smoking dry sifted hashish is a really great way to enjoy cannabis with bad lungs. Small pieces in glassware you just get the hash lit, and the hash burns like coal. No more flame needed. Very small hits, my favorite way to do this is using an ice bong—yowza. Easy to control hit size when you just light one edge or small piece of the hash. Get that coal burning and it’s a dream.

L8r G8rs

Smoking weeds with bad lungs, is something I know a thing or two about. Obviously, the best thing for your lungs would be no smoking or vaping. I went another way—moderation. Super miniscule hits, when I’m enjoying doobies, bongs, etc., and then vaping about ½ the time has really kept me happy and hasn’t fried my lungs. This will all of course be dependent upon your level of lung damage. COPD level would make me not actually smoke any, I think. Lowest power setting vaping may be tolerable, but I’m not a doctor; consult your doctor about it if your lungs are seriously bad.

I hope you guys all dug on this little ditty today. It’s mostly obvious stuff, but with more critical attention to detail. Works very well for me. I know there are those of you out there newer to the cannabis scene altogether, and if your lungs are a bit damaged this article should help. It has been fun just babbling to you about stuff today. Hopefully you got something out of it—cheers.

If you are wanting to read a bit more Rev, check this out: Letters to Rev – Bigger and Better Cannabis Harvests. Don’t forget to grab a copy of my True Living Organics 2nd Edition by The Rev to grow some all-natural wonders of your own. Oh, look around over at Kingdom Organic Seeds for some magic beans baybee! That’s about it for me today. I’m outty for now but I’ll see ya all back here next Tuesday. ZOOooommm…

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