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Some Cool Things with The Rev

Some Cool Things with The Rev

Mask fitted with filters capable of filtering fungal spores

Salutations my esteemed SKUNK peeps! Some cool things coming at you in this article today, and these are mostly aimed at the home grower—like I am these days. I used to be all into commercial production, but these days I really like the idea of a bazillion artisan home growers. And I have to say that home grown—well-grown—is always my favorite kind of cannabis to smoke these days. So much diversity really, over commercial varieties. You can’t even find what I would consider to be an actual Thai dominant variety commercially. It’s basically all small variations on Hashplant type Indica … OG everything, Kush everything … they change the names a lot, but that doesn’t change the monotony of it.

These days the more Bohemian style, all-natural growing, the better if you ask me, and if you raise some chickens, ducks, pigeons, geese, etc., you have the availability to get some of the best fertilizer ever in the form of guano. If there are bats around then build yourself some bat houses, their guano makes wicked fertilizer as well. Also, rabbits, horses, deer, and cow/steer manure are all superior fertilizers for your plants. Don’t be all “afraid of the poop!” LoL … however, ALWAYS wear a decent mask when working with manure/guano (like in the photo above) because while the risk probability is small, it only takes once to mess up your month bad, so toss out the paper masks and get a good one that can stop fungal spores. Okay then, on with the show…

Decent Flower Vaporizer for Under $100.00 – G Pen Pro

The G Pen Pro cannabis flower vaporizer

This baybee comes in right about $80.00 and is pretty decent for the price. It has mostly great qualities but lacks in a couple of areas; some of the big upsides for me are… how it evenly and thoroughly vapes the flower material without actually burning any of it. The rechargeable battery recharges pretty fast—about 1 hour and 45 minutes—and contains a large enough charge to vape 6 or 7 bowls. It’s super easy to clean and very compact, fitting in your pocket easily. I have had it for about 3 months without a problem, so that’s all so far so good.

The downsides are just a couple really, with one big one. First of all, it only holds about 3 bongloads worth in the bowl, now that’s all fine for me as a personal vaporizer and I get way baked off of a bowl myself. But sometimes I miss the higher capacity vaporizers like the PAX you can share with friends and still get wicked baked. Alrighty then, now for the big downside with this vaporizer…

When you first fire this baybee up brand new, the first 3 or 4 bowls you vape will be pretty funky tasting, like uncured rosins, or plastic cement—ya know how the water tastes from a plastic squirt gun after it has been in there a week or so? That’s pretty much spot on the unwelcome flavor addition right there and I found it fairly off putting. So, you may wanna give a brand new one to a friend that doesn’t care about quality (like a synthetic grown cannabis smoker) and give him a couple free grams of cannabis to vape through the G Pen and then get it back from him; otherwise you will have to endure those first few bowls yourself.

Low-Cost High-Efficiency Tie-Downs for Plants

These are 18-inch fuzzy, soft pipe cleaners Here is an example of a quick-fix instantly supporting a male flower

These pipe cleaners are super handy to keep close to plants and quickly accessible. If you need to span a greater distance than 18” you can easily chain them together. Super simple to remove at harvest, and reusable. I can’t think of a single downside here, and they are very inexpensive as well. You can secure them to a lot of things, like plant stakes, or use them to bend branches over securing both ends of the cleaners to the plant itself. In tents they work super well, and you are able to attach them to things like the tent frame, or tent strings (like in the photo above). One of the most awesome low-tech cannabis growing tools for the home grower for reals; and you will become much better at using them once you have started using them for a short time. Often times only a simple open “hook” is needed on each end of the cleaner allowing for fast removal. Last but not least—these are totally adjustable at any point, making them primo for branch bending/training.



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Super exotic Congo genetics grown with worm castings and chicken guano

I hope you all dug on today’s cool things. Like I said in the intro, you likely have some really bad ass all-natural cannabis fertilizers around you; potentially, and you may want to think about that and how to leverage it to produce your exotic artisan cannabis. I had a guy write me that lived way up north, and had some dead moose here and there, in the winter, around his house. He found a way to pulverize moose bones to make his own bone meal—hat’s off to that man! If you leave along a coast, it is pretty easy to grab a bunch of kelp/seaweed. Easy as hell to make into kelp meal, just rinse it off and dry it out in the sun … BOOM! Upping your awareness will save you time and money, along with helping you grow top-shelf cannabis. Cheers, see ya all next week!



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