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Some vastly different Cannagars Yet all Are Absolutely Brilliant

Some vastly different Cannagars Yet all Are Absolutely Brilliant

Some vastly different Cannagars Yet all Are Absolutely Brilliant

I’ve decided that writing about cannagars has become a full time vocation. There are so many varieties and brands- and of course styles. The names of the ones I’ve tried and loved flash around my brain. They are all memorable. Some got me really stoned.

It wasn’t so long ago that I discovered cannagars. I have a feeling it was a cannagar from the the now making it in a really big way- Artisan Cannagar folks. I was doing a story in the Los Angeles area during my Forbes writing experiences and my meeting with Artisan was a fortuitous glimpse into my future. I didn’t know it at the time but smoking this first cannagar would serve as more than a mere metaphor for the coming years. I’m proud to announce that I survived smoking that cannagar because I didn’t smoke it all in one sitting. It lasted nearly a month. Lightweight? Me? Nah., I like to savor my cannagars and not get too wasted because smoking a cannagar is a commitment of more than time. A cannagar is potent stuff! Make no mistake. This is the top of the house, containing many grams of high quality cannabis and usually some kind of cannabis concentrate, like a live resin or THCa diamonds. One of my pro-tips is the easy purchase of a cigar cutter. I’ve been taking slices off particularly large cannagars and smoking them in human sized pieces. I know that is not quite the process when you’re just one person imbibing a cannagar.

Well, first of all… I have no one to smoke these multi-gram vacations with. And then I haven’t shared anything with anyone in a long, long time…Too bad. So, I enjoy metered slices of the cannagar experience, each in themselves a mini-vacation, rather than a full on Towlie involvement. Please do not ash your cannagar when you do smoke it. Just don’t do it.

Then of course, as a writer, I don’t like to get too destroyed at any given time during the day because it’s hard to get my work done! You know that this is true! Couch-lock? Maybe…

Artisan Cannagar: The first one I smoked reminded me of the old school Thai sticks that we were lucky to have smoked in the mid-1970’s. (Yes, I’m that old…) Instead of taking the parts off of the stick, (carefully woven in my memory with silk thread) this is a multi-gram pressed cannabis experience. Aged for a specific period of time until all the moisture is managed, the cannagars are pressed around a bamboo stick in the middle. Just before smoking you remove the stick and light the cannagar carefully, as not to burn your tongue. I say light a cannagar like you would light a cigar. Puffing, getting a lot of air in there. Except for a cannagar you can inhale, otherwise your entire experience goes up in smoke. Wasteful. Artisan makes a nice cannagar- Their cigarillos remind me of those Spaghetti Westerns, the Clint Eastwood movies. Their six gram cannagar is just mind-blowing. And they do mixtures of flower and concentrates. Just ask them. They’re in California. Quietly becoming better and better because you can taste their passion.

LV Cannagars: I’m currently working on a long form review of LV, digging deeper into a myriad of flavors. I did want to share my tasting notes of a Rosegar that I recently savored from the kind folks at LV Cannagars.

What LV does best is what I call creativity. These kind folks are truly “mad-scientists of weed” and they remind me of my own cannabis and alcohol mixology. Their talent positions with aromatics of the artistically grown cultivars, the overall effect on the person who is smoking it, the live resin concentrates, technique of soaking and pressing the “gar” then aging the gar for perfect balance. It all adds up to commerce. What LV has done in this marketplace is place a tangible value on the all hand-crafted cannagars. They are not inexpensive. I think they should be more expensive by the high quality materials they are comprised of. But most of all it is the care given to produce them, from start to finish. Remember, this is Las Vegas, where fortunes can be made (and possibly lost) on a spin of red or black. You need a LV Cannagar when the ship comes in and every celebration in between.

Cannagars, LV Cannagars in particular are for celebrating the myriad of successes. A celebration amongst friends used to be a bottle of champagne, usually this is a worthy gift to give or receive. But for my money and yours, when in Las Vegas, Champagne is a given, it seems to flow like water. I want to appreciate the finest cannabis offering that money can buy, because I cannot get here in NJ what you can in Las Vegas, that is a LV Cannagar. Each LV Cannagar comes hand crafted, one at a time. They are crafted by loving hands and never a machine. Nothing that I’ve experienced in Las Vegas even comes close to the utter joy of being completely enthused by a LV Cannagar because they are truly a sum of the parts.

The Rosegar that I’ve been savoring for a couple days now is lightly perfumed by the fine flowers in the core, then spun into an abundance of richly sinuous concentrates. There is so much going on in their Rosegar that a few paragraphs don’t do them real justice. Are you in Las Vegas? Move your lips around your own LV Cannagar and inhale deeply into your lungs. You can really taste the imaginative awareness imparted into every pull. They use a core base of 2 grams of premium flower that is sopping in 1.25 grams of live resin. The LV Rose-Gars are then wrapped in biologic organic edible rose petals. Wow. I want to smoke the rest of mine, right now.

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Jean Carlos Migars: It’s not just the Migars but something very intimate from his father, the love of cigars. Inherently unhealthy, tobacco took his father’s life. A lesson not lost to Jean Carlos. The deep heritage behind making cigars without tobacco are deeper than most can imagine because it’s not just a job, it is a window into the past. The language spoken are canna-migars for this soft-spoken, often unassuming gentleman. It’s his family history in his hands, his unremitting passion, his deep talent and his utter humility that struck me when we met a couple years ago. With my background in selling old-style rum, I thought immediately that Jean Carlos could easily, could be by his appearance alone, a very successful rum distillers or cigar purveyors from the Caribbean countries. But instead of liquor or hand rolled cigars, Jean Carlos works with ultra-high net worth cannabis genetics and the myriad of hand selected and hand produced cannabis shells supplied by his talented wife, @marislims_shells. They are a cooperative operation that digs deeply into quality over quantity. To smoke a Jean Carlos Migar is to tap into the art-form of his history. The cigar making is entrenched into every migar he has created- although there is not a lick of tobacco in these meditative expressions of the maker’s art. I had the good fortune to smoke several of these hand-crafted migars with the master himself and the experience not only changed me for a lifetime, but it deepened my understanding of the word that says Craft in the representation of truly high-end cannabis. Craft meaning one at a time, by hand, channeling a deeper indulgence. A gift to the universe. This Jean Carlos Migar that I was smoking, with Jean Carlos himself, put me into another realm entirely and it wasn’t just the wonderful California weather. The flowers were introspective, and the conversation flowed as naturally as one would have with fine rum in a snifter accompanied by an aged cigar…

This exchange was facilitated by the craft of building a handmade cannagar and then enjoying it in the company of friends, not yet met until this time in a very different world.  How things have changed.

But the experience of smoking one these creations can be enjoyed still, depending on where you are in the world. My advice is to contact him. You may be surprised what you learn about the art of the migar. Jean Carlos style.

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