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Spring Hash Report

Spring Hash Report

As the snow continues to fall in the mountains, early Spring has rained down many flavors of tasty hash in Mendocino. It seems like more and more farms are fresh-freezing the more interesting flowers for hash. As the madness of harvest winds down, some of those winners are making it to the wash and turning out some sick rosin.

I have always been a fan of mixing flavors to make cocktails of rosin that have never been seen in the genetic pool. It’s almost cheating when you compare the intense and lengthy work that goes into pheno hunting to find the flavors and traits that you are looking for. Meanwhile, we can just take two or three pure flavored rosins and come up with the exact percentage of each strain of rosin that we prefer to make a personally appealing flavor. In the weed world, as instant gratification and information on what you are working with are so rare, it’s a blessed position. I remember mixing a giant slab of Hot Lixz with everything I had one summer creating some intense terp memories.

To start off the morning I always appreciate rosin that tastes sweet but kicks you in the face to get your day started. We have resurrected a name that was used on a fallen soldier plant from the early 2000s that has a place in our heart called the Fuzzy Pussy. She was a beautiful lady that gave her life for the happiness of others and was lost in the weed wars. When the Z came out, we knew a cross using this name would be in our future. All that was needed was a smooth enough fuel flavor that could carry and pair with that exotic summertime hose water and magic flavor. Lots of fun was had in working on the perfect blend that is guaranteed to impress. If you can find Honeysuckle Lotus Fuzzy Pussy rosin, it was a good day.

I was hooked up with some of the new hash products from Emerald Cup Concentrates to sample and compare notes and they are killing it. The Bianchetto THCA with sauce was so fucking great. This cut is so impressive. I loved it, a totally sweet and gassy nose burner that makes you feel like you are spending your time wisely by smoking it. It melted perfectly but hit your head quickly. Not for the average dude in the morning trying to go to work, but for anyone killing pain or getting through a pandemic, it does the trick.

Next up was something I knew would taste good by West Coast Alchemy and Oh Mega farms collabing on Strawguava #3. It did not disappoint and had a sweet, original flavor that would blow most people away. This mouth full of flavor put me on the sugar train and I only wanted more sweetness, so I spoiled myself with Some Banana Og rosin pressed at 107 degrees just for the homies from Big Dog over at Moonshine Melts. C’mon, if you can get this, it’s worth it just so you can talk shit about having clear rosin but if you really take ’em down it will be gone before you can show it off. Moonshine Melts also processed some Sundae Driver for Lem and I had to go hard on that one next. It has so many crazy profiles going into that strain, but the cherry pie for me is so dominant that you forget how many cannabinoids are probably available until it gets into your brain and provides a very unique buzz.


To really put the hammer down, I switched it up to what tasted like a modified papaya from Resin Hits – the Alien Papaya Juice. This was so awesome, the way it melted and tasted was top notch and left you needing a couple more before moving on – another one of those hash’s you can’t get enough of.

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What sounded like lots of terps and turned out to also pack a punch was the Strawberry Chaos from Huh Hash/Amberjack. Often the name strawberry is thrown around for its obvious appeal, but this actually has terps that represent strawberries. I figured to pair well with strawberries I should smoke some Island Breeze from Zen Extracts. These guys make fire. I don’t personally know them, but I am lucky enough to be able to scoop it up from time to time and it’s always hitting. This rosin in particular had a unique flavor reminiscent of grapefruit and gas with something else original on the backside of the hit when you blow it out.

Off the shelf of Compassionate Heart, I grabbed all of the Frosty flavors and, of the bunch, the White Gummy had the most original taste. The high was good and my homies kept going for it until it was kicked. I saved the Garanimals cold cure rosin with a center of jam from The Real Cannabis Chris for last. After a nice morning session with all of these unique flavors not usually in my quiver, it was nice to have something that could cut through the fog with a new high that kept me going up. Often times you can burn yourself out and not get higher, but this one kept it going. Not only did it taste great, but it could help you see the light. Killer job on quality and presentation.

With all of the new flavors gone I ripped some in-house Banana Chem rosin grown by Josh G (Ya Bull) and washed and squashed by Harrison so I could clear my mind and get ready for a good afternoon sesh.