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St. Ides Cannabis: Seriously Potent Cannabis With a Famous Name

St. Ides Cannabis: Seriously Potent Cannabis With a Famous Name

St. Ides, the posterchild for the Soul Train era in the 70’s, touted itself as a potent, easy to consume beverage. St. Ides, the drink- is a malt liquor manufactured by the Pabst Brewing Company. The beverage contains 8.2% alcohol by volume, which is stronger than many high-alcohol malt liquors. At least that’s what their Wiki reads.

Now, enter ultra-high quality St. Ides Cannabis products. The labeling resembles the logo from the 1970’s, right down to the zig, zag “I” for Ides. If this logo looks familiar to you, this would be the same “I” that resides on the infamous 40 oz. cans of St. Ides Malt Liquor. These cans are ubiquitous in places where good friends meet to drink away the days and nights, against the sizzling heat of the summer.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to be forced to drink high gravity alcohol to have a nice time you’re your kind and generous friends?

St. Ides would like for you to consider their new line of superior cannabis products, to sesh with your fam. They are comprised of the finest indoor grown flowers and the precise addition of THCa “diamond infusion” crystals, bound by a Raw cone made of hemp.

On the label of the glass vial reads 40 Diamond Infused. Forty being a subtle tip of the hat to a forty ounce can of St. Ides Malt Liquor? Possibly the THC level? How about all of the above. I was initially intrigued by the words diamond infused because I love the type of pre-rolls that have multiple layers of flavor and effect. At home I add ice water hash and kief along with sliced flowers to my Raw cones. It’s the way I like to do things. A salad is what we called these combination joints back in college in the 1980’s.

All I know is that the St. Ides pre-rolls get me high, as in really stoned.  As in I’m sliding down the path of what calls should I take today kind of high. And the thought, if only for a moment, can I get out of them? Why? Because I’m pretty stoned. Whoa. This is the sprawl.

St. Ides Cannabis products are stronger than most. I have no trouble endorsing them for this reason (amongst others of course) and with good reason. These are the creative uses of flower and concentrates. And their historic branding is spot on. Many will recollect enjoying a frosty forty can of malt liquor with their dad on a sunny day. Now imagine the same refreshing enjoyment while toking on a St. Ides pre-roll joint? Without the raging hangover of course! No sugar added.

Tasting notes:

40 Diamond Infused:

Melted butter slathered fried egg, bacon and cheese “Sammich” on a toasted poppy seed bagel offers a mind-boggling explosion of flavors in the mouth. Each pull gives way to roasted pecan brittle across the palate. Tropical fruits come into view evolving into dollops of coconut cream pie down the throat. This is a very lovely smoke.

The high? This experience is total body and quick acting with a emotively cerebral experience at first, taking hold of your ears and pulling them slowly down the sides of your head, all the way towards your feet.

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This is the sprawl.

What did I have to do today?

Tobacco Free Blunt:

Shaped like some kind of hand-rolled cigarillo that Clint Eastwood would have smoked in a Spaghetti Western movie, with a kick. That would be the indoor grown THC flower. Full strength. Very smooth against the throat and not a lick of tobacco in the mix.

Bitter chocolate pastilles give way to dustier notes of crushed sea salt coated minerals and freshly spun, cotton candy. The hemp wrap is a bit thicker than most plain rolling papers, offering a slightly more assertive smoke against this non-tobacco smoker’s throat. Tobacco/weed smokers have commented that smoking a tobacco free blunt is a very tobacco-like experience, without the tobacco effect or any nicotine. Nice effort.

The St. Ides 40 mg THC Lemon pucker-type shot.

Produced by the uber-amazing white-label California based, beverage house named Space Station and powered by Vertosa; the brilliant cannabis beverage/nano-technology company. This delicious lemonade type shot is an afternoon with a fat bag and a bong in each comfortably dosed three ounce portion. I loved adding the contents of my little bottle to a cup of lapsang souchong tea for a steaming reminder that the couch is just over there. Crisp, aromatic and slightly sour/sweet, the pucker-type beverage is delicious on its own or even poured over ice cream. Or in my case, drizzled into a hot cup of tea…