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Patients Out of Time Announces the 14th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics

Patients Out of Time Announces the 14th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics

Patients Out of Time


The oldest and most respected forum on science, research, and health care is the National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics.  For 25 years Patients Out of Time has brought together the leading and most influential researchers in this field with health care professionals addressing the therapeutic use of cannabis n their professional practice.

This year the Clinical Conference will be an online event, making it available to a wider audience of physicians, nurses, students, patients, veterans, and cannabis industry professionals.  Science is valuable to health care professionals and their patients, and it is of great value as well to anyone investing their professional career in cannabis.  The most valuable commodity in the cannabis industry is authenticity.  You can acquire it through knowledge, experience, or both.  Here is an opportunity to enhance your understanding of cannabis.  This conference will be a valuable and valued experience for anyone who values learning about cannabis, regardless of their reason.

The Invite

Patients Out of Time is pleased to present The Fourteenth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, an online conference, from Thursday May 20th through Saturday, May 22nd. The theme of the conference is “The State of the Science.

For 25 years, Patients Out of Time’s accredited clinical conference series has been internationally regarded for providing the best in science-based education about cannabis therapeutics for medical professionals, caregivers, patients, and the public, establishing the organization as a trusted leader in this field.

The Program

Notable speakers include renowned medical cannabis experts Ethan Russo, MD; Dustin Sulak, DO; and Bonnie Goldstein, MD. In addition to cannabis scientists Staci Gruber, PhD; Dedi Meiri, PhD; Greg Gerdeman, PhD; and Jahan Marcu, PhD.  Presentations will include a report on the 2019 Veterans Health and Medical Cannabis Study by Marion McNabb, PhD; Cannabis and Women’s Health Conditions by Genester Wilson-King, MD; Cannabis Therapeutics for Pediatrics by Patricia Frye, MD; as well as Cannabis Therapeutics and the Geriatric Population by Mikhail Kogan,MD.

Join Patients Out of Time for this 3-day online conference on trending topics.  Thursday, May 20th, examine contemporary laws and regulations.  Explore research opportunities, as well as education related to the therapeutic use of cannabis.  Friday, May 21st features leading scientists and researchers presenting recent evidence-based science as it is linked to the endocannabinoid system and cannabis therapeutics. Saturday, May 22nd, the conference concludes with a line-up of cannabis clinicians, patients, and researchers.  This session will address how cannabis is integrated into healthcare for various populations based on scientific evidence.  Registrants will be able to access all of the conference programming through the end of May.

Learn More

The full agenda and registration information is available at:  Discounted registration rates are available for students, Veterans, and medical cannabis patients.  Daily rates are available.  Physicians and nurses will qualify for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

The Inside Scoop

The legalization of cannabis is not an event but a responsibility.  One reason cannabis has been illegal all these years is that no one in power was willing to take responsibility for it.  Legalization changes that.  One consequence of legalization is regulation.  Who is going to be responsible for that?  Another consequence is that people who might use cannabis need to be educated about that.  Who is going to be responsible for that?  Patients who use cannabis therapeutically require goods and services?  Who is going to be responsible for that?

Certainly, various individuals, organizations and communities will develop to address these various opportunities.  That process got underway years ago.  The participants have competing interests beyond the shared goal in expanding legalization.  What they all have in common is a need for information about cannabis and ability to make use of it.

Information has authority.  Science-based information empowers patients and persuades politicians.  It’s also the most valuable social currency in the marketplace.  Science provides credibility.  Cannabis has value for many reasons.  Science explains that value.   What do consumers want to know about cannabis?  They have lots of questions, but they can be condensed into two queries.  What cannabis does do, and how does it do that?  Science provides that information. More importantly, that information is valuable, especially to those of us taking responsibility for legalized cannabis.

Knowledge how cannabis works facilitates providing services and products to cannabis users, whether it’s public policy, education, health care, or meeting other consumer needs.

This is why a conference like this is so cool.  Patients Out of Time has spent 25 years cultivating relationships with the pioneers and practitioners in medical/therapeutic cannabis use.  It’s difficult to get any closer to the source than this.  What makes the National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics so special is the long-term relationship the organization has with researchers and practitioners.  Patients Out of Time provides is able to provide professionally certified presentations from the “originals”, the trail-blazers, influencers, and authorities in their fields.  They know how cannabis works, and how to make that value benefit individual lives.  That’s authenticity.

Conference Information and Exhibitor Showcase

The full agenda and registration information is available at: Discounted registration rates are available for students, Veterans, and medical cannabis patients.

Patients Out of Time is providing an online exhibitor showcase. Online exhibition offers the opportunity to showcase brands, organizations, products & services to an audience of healthcare professionals, patients and members of the public interested in cannabis therapeutics.  Exhibitors are included in frequent announcements leading up to and running during the online conference.  The online showcase will be available to the general public as well as members for an extended time after the conference. Sign up online at

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