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STRAIN REVIEW: Green Kandy Jack

STRAIN REVIEW: Green Kandy Jack

Green Kandy Jack

STRAIN NAME: Green Kandy Jack 


HEIGHT: 10 to 12ft

AGE: Indoor 65 days / outdoor early Nov 

RACE: 70/30 sativa dom hybrid


One of our more popular strains in NorCal at the moment… The mother is our green kandy crack and the father is a green crack crossed with a jack the ripper..The result is a cheesy to citrus jack aromas.most phenos range in the 10 to 12ft range and have exceptional pm resistance.big long sweeping arms of large kolas with purple hues and high tricomb production makes it a beautifuly rounded cultivar.


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TASTE: Tastes range from citrus jack to cheesy jack with guava overtones

SCENT: Scent is most deff citus jack 

QULAITY/TYPE OF HIGH: Uplifting euphoria claiming high that hits early like a sativa but kicks in later like a Indica

Pics provided by #TheHumboldtLocal #TheMendoHidout 
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