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Strain Review: Lion Paw

Strain Review: Lion Paw

1. Strain Name: Lion Paw aka Chiesel

2. Breeder (if it’s not you): J-Trees of Family Origins

3. Height: Varies – Depending on growing method

4. Weight (yield): Varies – Depending on growing method

5. Flowering time in days: 56-63 days

6. Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: 50 Sativa / 50 Indica

7. About 200 words describing where the strain came from, what it looks like, how it grows and why you like it.

The “Lion Paw” from Lion Ridge Family Farm is a phenotype of the presently popular Chiesel strain (Diesel x Big Buddha Cheese). The Lion Paw however, stands out from the other currently popular Chiesel strains as its lineage comes from the Chem 91 (known as “Vermont Diesel” to those of us growing it in New England in the early 2000’s) x Big Buddha Cheese. Three Chiesel phenotypes were given to Lion Ridge Family Farm over a decade ago by J-Trees: Chiesel 4, Chiesel 12 and Chiesel 18, out of which the Chiesel 12 (now known as Lion Paw) proved to be the most potent, aromatic, flavorful and vigorous variety.

Lion Paw is an excellent yielder whether Sungrown, Mixed Light or Indoor. The plant yields dense, frosty flowers with a beautiful round bud formation, and dark orange hairs. This hardy, vigorous Hybrid strain produces thick, strong stalks, with broad, Indica type leaves. The strain is incredibly heat tolerant, producing abundantly here in Ukiah Valley (Mendocino County), where temperatures average above 100 degrees in the summer. The Lions Paw is also somewhat cold-hardy, tolerating a few light frosts, uncovered. It will however, produce deep purple leaves, and a tinge of purple to the flowers when grown in cold conditions.

Sungrown Chiesel Plants can reach over 12 ft tall if not topped, but are generally a more compact, wider, bushy strain. Indoors they keep a compact height, stretching wider, and much shorter than their Sour Diesel relatives who like to stretch up high.

8. Taste (burned and unburned): Unburned, the first taste to hit the palate is the dirt-like earthy gas flavor whose terpenes leave a cooling, piney, menthol-like sensation in the throat and lungs, followed by a citrusy, fruit funk after taste. Burnt, the the taste is just the same, with the earthy diesel flavor taking prominence.

9. Scent (burned/unburned): Organically grown, the nose on the Chiesel is the first thing to grab your attention as it hits you with a deep, earthy, heavy dirt and gas smell that the Chem 91 is so well known for, followed up by the mouth-watering citrusy fruit funk from the Cheese. Once burned, the diesel fuel smell stands out the most.

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10. What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: The dried buds generally are dense, light in color, frosty, and compact, covered with dark orange hairs.

11. Speed of high onset: High onset comes quickly, this strain is potent, so go easy at first if you have a low tolerance!

12. Duration of high: Long Lasting, Potent High. The Lion Paw has tested as high as 30% THC, whether grown indoors or sungrown.

13. Quality/type of high: Incredibly uplifting, euphoric, long lasting, cerebral, and inspiring. Being that this strain is a 50/50 Indica / Sativa, it functions both as a daytime and nighttime strain. Used during the day, the Lion Paw is an uplifting, positive-mood inducing strain, that increases creativity and productivity. Yet, it also functions as a great night-cap, relaxing muscles and creating a sense of relaxation.

14. Medicinal qualities: Hunger-inducing, pain relieving, aids sleep, helps creativity, muscle relaxant, anti-anxiety, increases sense of well-being and happiness.

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