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Strain Review: Mango Mountain

Strain Review: Mango Mountain

WHEN PEOPLE THINK of The Emerald Triangle one of the first places that come to mind is Humboldt.  One of the most known places on Earth largely recognized as one of the worlds largest producers of outdoor cannabis. 

Encompassing vast mountainous forests of dense Redwoods and a coastline that stretches for miles, Humboldt County serves as one-third of the region known as The Emerald Triangle.  Called such, not for trees that were there before mankind, but for its prolific cultivation of sun-grown cannabis.

Here is home to Sunnabis, Humboldt’s Full Sun Farms. Dedicated to the organic production of sun-grown cannabis utilizing sustainable methods, while being environmentally sound using the best practices to minimize their carbon footprint.  With that level of passion, you can bet that carries through from start to finish in their end product, and it shows.

Sporting a core crew of 4 they have a combined cultivation experience of over 75+ years. That combination of knowledge and dedication will get you some outdoor weed with exceptional quality which I recently had the opportunity to sample by way of Emerald Cup.

Mango Mountain:

An in-house strain developed over decades by Sunnabis using 90’s Sensi Seed stock smuggled from Europe, they selected K2, a White Widow x Hindu Kush, and crossed that to Sensi’s Mango giving rise to the Mango Mountain.   She serves up a deceptive cocktail of aromas, sweet tropical fruit, and mango, reminding me of Space Queen or Green Crack, two strong racy Sativa’s, but smoking it pleasantly reveals it is more calming than one would expect based off smell alone, displaying more indica-like qualities in efficacy.  Relaxed and somewhat sedative, this may be heavier for some inexperienced users, but offers enough punch for those with a more seasoned tolerance.  Moderate pressure around the eyes, with a warm forward head buzz, ties into relaxed muscle tension making for a great prelude for an evening of leisure or just to unwind.  I also find it has good appetite stimulating qualities.  The taste of fruit carries through wonderfully while providing a smooth smoke adding to an already pleasurable smoking experience.


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Higher Standards was born and raised in San Diego.  His love affair with Mary started with his 1st introduction in ‘92.  A cannabis aficionado who describes himself as a “genetics chaser”, he strives to learn the origin of all strains.  While his knowledge spans many facets of cannabis, writing about weed as an experience is another forté he has been honing for several years.  He has recently come full circle with cannabis, having cultivated and harvested several grows, and is in the process of establishing a hoop house for year round cycles, as well as light deprivation.


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