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STRAIN REVIEW: Royal Cherry White

STRAIN REVIEW: Royal Cherry White

Royal Cherry White

STRAIN NAME: Royal Cherry White

NATIONALITY: Fire Ridge Seed Co.

HEIGHT: Average to Large depending on pot size.

WEIGHT: Above Average

AGE: 56 days

RACE: Indica Hybrid


Royal Cherry White is a cross of the NorCal favorite clone only Berry White crossed to a select pheno of Glazed Cherry F3 to create Cherry White. Fire Ridge then took their select male from the Cherry White F1 stock and crossed it to their very special pheno of the Long Valley Royal Kush F10. This beautiful cross selected from Northern California’s finest strains is something every grower wishes was in their garden. Expect an abundant early harvest of trichome covered flowers that smell of cherry syrup and cookie dough covered in jet fuel. Royal Cherry White finishes outdoors around September 20th. Her quick finish time, resistance to pests/mold, heavy yield, and beautiful flowers make this strain one of Fire Ridge Seed Co’s favorite cultivars.


TASTE: Cherry Syrup, Cookie Dough, Fuel.

SCENT: Cherry, Earth, Fuel, Hairspray, Cookie Dough, Strawberry Jam

WHAT THE DRIED BUD/CRUMBLED BUD LOOKS LIKE: Dense and absolutely covered in frost

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SPEED OF HIGH ONSET: Comes on quick

QUALITY/TYPE OF HIGH: Strong medicinal qualities with a clear mind. Great for pain relief, meditation, or yoga.

MEDICINAL QUALITIES: Pain relieving, stress reducing, calming.


Royal Cherry White provides wonderful medicinal healing at any time of day. Great for early morning meditation, after a work out, or before a yoga class. Mid day will provide relief from any aches and pains without fogging up your mind. At night works as a wonderful relaxant to aid in sleep as its heavy on the body and clear on the mind.


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