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Guest Posting SEO Guideline

Before we publish you on our site, let us know a little bit about yourself and send us a sample article.

We accept articles about cannabis topics. It can be about cannabis lifestyle, travel, business news or cuisine.

Subject of the article must be new to our website and the article itself must be unique and it shouldn’t be published anywhere before.

Send us your pitch and a summary of your articles If your suggested topics would be good we will let you know otherwise we will send you the suggested topics

How to Write Article

Title and article body (first sentence) must be started with the focus keyword.

Article length can be varied based on the selected focus keyword (Minimum Length: 800+ words).

Please include one Hi-Res featured image and for each 250 words one image or video (link from youtube). Please create reference link (no competitor link) for your images (i.e [Image name] via [source of image with applied link]).

Please include focus keyword density between 1.5% to %2 throughout the post. It must be distributed evenly between the header, subheaders , paragraphs etc.

Make sure you reference your article by applying link to certain keywords (anchor text your keywords). Your references must be valid (government websites or scientific websites). No competitor links.

Your article must be related to our website content you should link at least 5 keywords in your article to our current articles.

Please provide a brief description/summary of your article must be started with the focus keyword (Between 150 – 156 character) at the end of your article.