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Swami Select Season: 3 Episode: 65

Swami Select Season: 3 Episode: 65

Welcome to the Smokin’ With Swami series… a host of videos we’d like to share with you. If you don’t know Nikki and Swami, you can read about us here at their site. They are long-time advocates, growers, and lovers of cannabis. In the Smokin’ With Swami series, we are hanging out with industry luminaries and their friends (one and the same). In the first episode of seasons 3, we talk with, Cannamaste Founders Chris Conrad & Mikki Norris.

Enjoy the first episode of Smokin’ With Swami Episode 65

“Inhale and pass it on.

Cannamaste.“ Cannatheism, is a global religious community that is united by a single belief: Cannabis is a Sacrament in the lives its its adherents. Began as a religious defense in 1995 by cannabis expert witness and legal consultant, Chris Conrad, alongside his partner and American drug policy activist, former publisher, and author, Mikki Norris, Cantheism does not discriminate against core religious beliefs. Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Skeptic, Anamist, Pantheist and all faiths are welcome to congregate and share sacrament with others who receive cannabis in thanksgiving and prayer.


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