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The 2021 Regenerative + Eco Conscious Gift Guide

The 2021 Regenerative + Eco Conscious Gift Guide

To regenerate is to create something even greater than before – to give new life. It’s a conservation and rehabilitation approach to agricultural and business practices that are rooted in increasing biodiversity, enhancing ecosystems, and supporting communities. This list is for the curious consumer who seeks to shop with intentionality. One who considers their relationship to the plants, the land, and the people – from the fibers they wear, to the foods they eat, to the information they consume.

Following the thread from the land to the farmer, to ingredient supply chain, all the way to eco-conscious packaging and beyond, becoming mindful of how we choose to invest our dollars can have a huge impact on the outcome of how we treat the environment, and it’s inhabitants. This holiday season, as we continue to refine our awareness of the ecological and cultural effects of climate change, we can shift from being consumers to developing informed reciprocal relations with companies who are truly making a difference. 

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Love the world and look good doing it! WVN brings high-end chic fashion to conscientious shoppers who value beauty and quality. A Certified B Corporation, WVN works with Fair Trade Certified™ factories that adhere to rigorous social, environmental, and economic guidelines so you can trust that your clothing was made with love. Their Heritage Collections are handmade by artisans using raw Global Organic Textile Standard™ (GOTS) materials sourced from small family-run farms. GOTS Certified means that their raw materials meet the highest organic standards and that their factories only engage in environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, treating their employees and the earth with deep respect. Every part of the production process is certified, including organic cotton, non-toxic dyes, and natural fabric treatments. WVN’s intentional and slow fashion is the perfect option for the eco-conscious consumer on your list – offering everything from essential winter sweaters, classic T’s, turtlenecks, dresses, and jumpsuits, to cozy loungewear and activewear that will soon be favorite wardrobe staples!


Feel good on the inside while looking great on the outside! Freshemp™ Originals proudly presents the return of the Original Hemp Works Jackets from Amsterdam: durable eco-friendly jackets with the softest fake fur lining. For men and women, created by Hemp Works & HoodLamb founders. Keep your loved ones warm while protecting the environment in Freshemp’s quality, sustainable clothing that uses pioneering techniques and eco-friendly materials. The company works closely with their factories to create slow fashion that is made to last for years. Therefore they only produce a limited quantity of Freshemp™ jackets each season. The jacket has a few clever features: PFC Free eco-friendly Hemp Cellulose Water Resistant Treatment, a rolling papers dispenser, loops in the neck to hold your earplugs, pocket lined with sunglasses cleaning fabric with a 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton twill outer shell. Don’t be left out in the cold, and don’t wait too long before ordering your Freshemp™ jacket – a must-have piece of timeless clothing.



The eco-friendly footwear solution for men and women! The world’s 1st waterproof hemp shoe, a whole new category into casual sustainable footwear. 8000Kicks manufacturers, designs, and engineers in Portugal to achieve the most regenerative, durable, and comfortable sneaker ever built. The company uses an environmentally-conscious process of steam explosion to render raw hemp into weavable fibers. 100 % Vegan, with specialized algae bloom soles; these shoes are setting the bar high! Are you concerned about your carbon footprint? The average emissions for a pair of running shoes are 14Kg of CO2. 8,000Kicks has managed to reduce that to 4.1 Kg of CO2. Investing in capturing CO2 with hemp farms and tree plantation, every newly planted crop removes an average of 50 kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere each year during its growth period of 20–50 years. Minimalist, yet stylish enough to fit every occasion, indoors or outdoors, their shoes make the perfect holiday gift with the smallest ecological footprint!

Suelo Vivo

A Regenerative Gift for everyone in the family! Support the earth and your loved ones with Suelo Vivo Certified CBD Supplements. Woman, minority, and farmer owned, the company was founded on the concept of regeneration in everything they do. Their Colorado-based Farm is DEM Pure Regenerative Certified – the highest example of regenerative hemp cultivation and extraction that goes beyond the National Organic Program (NOP) and USDA Standards. Honoring the health of the people, plant and planet by farming the land in harmony with nature, Suelo Vivo increases the diversity in the soil microbiome by tending to the land’s natural cycles, avoiding the need to use any harmful pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or toxins ever. Not your average CBD company, Suelo Vivo uses hand-harvested Whole Hemp Flowers as the base of their production methodologies in contrast to hemp biomass and produce full spectrum supplements that are infused to preserve over ten delicate beneficial acidic (CBDa, THCa, CBGa, CBCa, CBDVa) and neutral (CBD, THC, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDV) cannabinoids and over ten terpenes. Suelo Vivo offers the highest quality wellness products to support your health and self-care and is available in recycled and compostable packaging.

Oara Chocolate

Need the perfect mindful stocking stuffer? Look no further — OARA (pr. Or-a) is on a mission to heal the gut and mind through cannabis nutrition with their organic probiotic cannabis chocolate to support gut health, immunity, and mental wellness. OARA is made exclusively with full-spectrum cannabis oil from Sun+Earth-Certified, and DEM Pure Regenerative California farms; shelf-stable probiotic Bacillus coagulans clinically shown to improve digestion and immunity while reducing inflammation; and 100% organic fair-trade artisan dark chocolate for a rich, creamy taste. These plant-based whole foods start in the living soil to produce nutrient-dense treats that are also gluten, dairy, and GMO-Free. Offering delicious flavors including Provence Lavender + Maldon Sea Salt, Almond, and Rich Smooth Dark. Everyone will be thanking you for balancing their mind-gut-endocannabinoid connection this season. 

Hemp Way Foods 

For the plant-based eaters on your gift list – Hemp Way Foods is here to show us it isn’t impossible to believe a non-GMO, free of corn, dairy, gluten, and soy, meat alternative can’t taste this good, while having more bioavailable, absorbable protein per bite compared to the “other guys.” A flavorful “superfood” made from wholesome ingredients and hemp seeds as the protein, the hand-crafted Hemp Burger, Hemp Crumbles, and Italian Hemp Breakfast Sausage are sure to wow your holiday crowd for brunch and dinner! Hemp Way Foods offers a sustainable variety of award-winning products; every 4-ounce serving supplies us with 10 grams of bioavailable protein, 8 grams of fiber, is 70% manganese, 20% Iron, 25% phosphorus, to name just a few benefits. Be sure to try out their savory creations — available in your local grocery stores nationwide!


Chelsea Green Publishing

Seeking a gift that will inspire and last for lifetimes? Books are the answer! Founded in 1984, Chelsea Green Publishing is recognized as a leading publisher of books on the politics and practice of sustainable living, publishing authors who bring in-depth, practical knowledge to life, and give readers hands-on information related to organic farming and gardening, ecology and the environment, healthy food, sustainable economics, progressive politics, and, integrative health and wellness. Chelsea Green is fiercely independent and now 100% employee-owned with offices in White River Junction, Vermont, and London, England. The company also produces its own ebooks and audiobooks. Harness your homesteading skills with classics like ‘The Resilient Farm and Homestead’ by Ben Felk, educate your littles with Leslie Crawford’s ‘Gwen the Rescue Hen,’ expand global awareness with Vandana Shiva’s ‘Oneness vs. the 1%’ or wow your home apothecary friends and clinical herbalists on your list with Kate Maier’s ‘Energetic Herbalism’ — eco-conscious reads available for all inquiring minds!

The Soil Food Web School 

Restoring nature to the world’s soils! This online educational program is the soil-lution! The Soil Food Web School helps growers restore their Soil Biology, increase their profits, and produce food in harmony with nature. No background in farming or biology is required to enroll in the Foundational Courses. Developed by the world’s foremost soil biologist, Dr. Elaine Ingham, whose Soil Food Web Approach is the key to rapid and effective soil regeneration. This online school is also the perfect gift for people from diverse backgrounds seeking to become soil consultants, compost producers, and lab technicians. Any regeneration project can be accelerated by focusing on the soil ecosystem. Classes are online and self-paced, and the students are supported by highly-trained Soil Food Web School mentors. Only with the complete soil food web in place can the ecological functions of the soil be restored, protecting and purifying the world’s waterways, reversing Climate Change. The courses offered by Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web School have been designed for people with no relevant experience, making them accessible to individuals who wish to retrain and begin a meaningful and impactful career in an area that will help secure the survival of humans and other species.

Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Creating alchemy with nature. Blending the most powerful herbs, mushrooms, mycelium, and beneficial microbes to create healing, raw, plant-based products for plants and humans. Dragonfly Earth Medicine (DEM) is dedicated to pure regeneratives. The company’s micronized inoculants of herbs, bacteria, humates, and Endo Mycorrhizae are tried and tested. All of their products are free from synthetics, animal products, or fad ingredients, letting Mother Nature be their mentor. A top-of-the-line brand, DEM is 100% regenerative or wildcrafted, human-grade, bio-stimulant herbs, bacterias, and endomycorrhizae making the perfect gifts for everyone in the family. DEM garden products are a superfood immune boost for your soils, and plants, and yourself. The Essential Cocoa includes blended raw cacao, medicinal mushrooms (chaga, cordyceps and reishi) and other adaptogenic herbs (stinging nettle, alfalfa, and astragalus) to create the highest antioxidant drink on the planet! With heavy toxins in the air and water supply, DEM is dedicated to bringing you the most powerful adaptogens to grow healthy plants and a healthy body!

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Give the gift of Yoga this holiday season! Join Ganjasana online and in-person for wellness workshops, classes, and training that serve to align our mind, body, and spirit with the rhythms of the natural world. The practices help build reciprocal relations with plant allies, including cannabis, hemp, psychedelics, and other species from nature’s apothecary. Taught on a virtual platform, the plant medicine yoga school is led by Certified Mindfulness Educator and Regenerative Farmer, Rachael Carlevale, who guides participants in transformative experiences that are passed on from our ancestral lineages. Rooted in the ethics of permaculture – earth care, people care, fair share – these courses are the perfect gift for the eco-conscious yogi and include: The Soul of Soil, Cannabis Plant-Spirit Ceremonies, Ayurveda for Winter Wellness, Plant Medicines for the Chakras, Plant Spirit Communication, CBD 101 and other Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness courses. The Green Tent online circle is for women seeking community and balance through each of life’s transitions and is available monthly on the new moon or as a yearly package. There are also Training and CEU Certifications options for those looking to deepen their practice. Group and private rates are available.

Mountain Organics Botanicals

Mountain Organic Botanicals have been helping grow gardens across the globe since 2016. Botanical tonics, soil amendments, cover crop seeds, and organic oils for all of your no-till gardening needs. The health tonics nourish your plants with organic, plant-derived nutrients, growth stimulants & increase their immune system. These specially crafted blends of select cold extracted botanicals formulated for nutrient & phytohormone uptake through the leaves are on every plant enthusiast’s wish list! Select from nitrogen-fixing cover crops like the Organic Yellow Sweet Clover, or the Organic Earthworm Castings that are 100% natural, with a healthy, earthy odor and the appearance of coffee grounds. The castings slowly release nutrients needed for healthy plant growth and increase production rates for fruits and vegetables. Mountain Organics Botanicals Worm Castings are especially good for herbs, fruits, and vegetables. They even have a Limited Edition Holiday 2021 release of incredible Farm Fresh & Made in California Organic Cotton Long Sleeve shirts and T’s for men and women, screen printed with original eco conscious designs with black algae ink!

Growing Organic 

Learn to leave a smaller footprint and reduce, reuse, and recycle with Growing Organics, whose products are the perfect gift for everyone on your list — including the kids, the garden enthusiast, the fun-guy (mushroom cultivator), the zero waste warrior, candle and soap lovers, and even the family pet! Whether you want a fun science project for the kids or simply want to learn how to make your own bokashi compost, their DIY bokashi making kit has everything you need to easily make your favorite soil amendment + compost accelerator right at home! The company helps connect you and those on your gift list to Mother Earth’s bounties with their All-in-one mushroom grow kits and variety of garden supplements to keep your plants healthy and thriving. Growing Organics Apothecary offers all-natural and vegan probiotic skincare crafted in small batches that are free from artificial ingredients and palm oils. Choose from Lactosoapcillus™ Castile soap, scrubs, serums, probiotic pit paste, roll-ons, and full-spectrum regenerative CBD wellness for the whole family and pets! The company also creates Mantra-based candles that are packaged in a glass mason jar, with all-natural hemp wicks and scented with natural essential oils to ensure a non-toxic way of life.

HempWick Handmade By Hippies

The perfect eco-conscious gift! HempWick™ is the ORIGINAL organic lighter alternative that is handmade by 2 Hippies in New Smyrna Beach, FL. HempWick can be used to light anything… from herbs and smudge to pipes, pilot lights, camping grills, and candles. HempWick burns at a lower temperature than a lighter, so it preserves the flavor of fine herbs while also reducing harmful exposure to flint and butane. The Hippies use pure organic unbleached hemp and local organic beeswax to hand-make HempWick in 3 sizes. They also make hand-poured beeswax candles with HempWick wicks. Handmade by Hippies means NO plastic wrap, NO GMOs, NO potato starch, NO lead, NO filler waxes, NO hidden ingredients, NO paraffin wax, NO blended fibers, NO acid salts, NO chemically treated anything, NO outsourcing, NO factories, NO robots, NO funky stuff, and certainly NO unfair labor practices! Their 200ft ball boxes are hand stamped with veggie ink. All of their product packaging and shipping materials are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Also, check out their groovy handmade ceramic HempWick holders, ash bowls, and organic t-shirts. Support handmade this holiday season.

Use code: SKUNK for $5 off all 200ft balls and receive a free beeswax tealight candle.

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The future is regenerative!