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The CANNÁBICAS Documentary Project

The CANNÁBICAS Documentary Project


The Story

Women have been a driving force in cannabis for years. On March 14th, 2020 at the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum of Barcelona, The CANNÁBICAS documentary project will premier. Inspired by the monumental collective video call we launched for the International Women’s day of 2019.

It’s an exciting and important project that brings  200 people from 30 countries together from around the world. All with the common goal of having women’s rights respected.

The Documentary’s Objectives

Here are the objectives of the CANNÁBICAS documentary project and what we hope to achieve:

“1. To transmit the voices of the Cannabis Women of the world that fight for equality and for a more sustainable, fair, free and human planet.

2. To make visible the women and cannabis people of the world, showing the richness of their diversity and their knowledge.

3. To inform, through the individual experiences of each woman, of the properties of the plant.

4. To raise awareness and normalize the different uses of cannabis, from personal and integral well-being to industrial use for a more ecological and sustainable world.

5. To report on the situation of many cannabis women living in stigma and prohibition, identifying the most vulnerable groups.

6. To reaffirm the failure of the war on drugs, which is ultimately a war against women, poor and racialized people.

7. To educate with a feminist, anti-racist, anti-prohibitionist and decolonized perspective.

8. To reclaim through this documentary comprehensive regulation and self-cultivation of cannabis for all the people in the world.”

It’s time for us all to rejoice in our power, potential and pot! It’s only the beginning of the cannabis revolution and we can negotiate a better way for ourselves, as women in the industry.

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Please spread the positive message. You can find the organizers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Information for donations to the CANNÁBICAS documentary project:
Account number: ES62 3025 0001 1514 3364 7595


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