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The Cannabis Tarot Plant Spirit Birthing

The Cannabis Tarot Plant Spirit Birthing

A Cannabis Tarot’s Spiritual Birthing 

How channeling the only Cannabis Tarot Deck forever connected me to plant spirit.

By Beautiful Existence 

For many that have grown the Cannabis plant, or have taken in her medicine, we know that our Universe is not limited to only our physical form in scope or ideal. That the concepts within our social constructs such as motherhood, pregnancy, birth or even plant spirit, expand what our earthly-human existence dictates, and seeds the miraculous ways of our cosmos. For these persons that have worked, grown, medicated or loved the Cannabis plant as I do, we know her amazing ways because we have experienced them first hand. One such understanding was when I birthed the first and only Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot card deck into the world in 2018. 

In different passages throughout human history, societies, and religions have tried to create an understanding of the comparable nature of both our physical and spiritual selves. The “body, soul and spirit” of being one with everything. Our soul’s constant birth and rebirthing towards enlightenment, bodhi, prajna, moksha or nirvana. 

One of those common correlations with this cycle is that of motherhood, pregnancy, and birth. A sacred rite of passage to female forms on this earth. A metaphorical correlation with the renewal processes that happen throughout the earth, cosmos and definitely with the Cannabis plant. This correlation between physical and spiritual self has many names and understandings, but basically mean similar things…that whoever hosts the spiritual seed is impregnated with a vision, an awareness, to bring forth from the ethereal plane into the physical world something of value to more than just self. A presence that produces a present for many. 

Spiritual births, and holding such a great possibility within your body and soul can be a great task indeed, one that takes more than just self to achieve. Just as midwives support a birthing woman in the physical realm, so to will the spiritual midwives go through the processes, and awarenesses of the visionary, and support them in their own ways to manifest the vision.

This evolution I had of being impregnated by the Universe, gestating the tarot deck inside of me for what was actually very close to a real human pregnancy term… through this process and reflection, I can now absolutely affirm that a plant spirit birth is totally within traditional human understanding. I know the exact date that I was seeded at the Harvard Houghton Library during their Altered States tour. I knew the seed inside of me was forming when I was given the visions of the deck’s personalities and different card qualities. I felt the cards growing through me, one by one, forming their bodies and spirit over the course of 8 months. So when my time came to birth the deck, it was just like a human pregnancy in truest form…. one month prior to birth I had become very anxious and excited and nervous about the deck, not normal feelings for me at all since the entire process was very smooth, in a flow, and peaceful. My days leading up to the birth were surrounded by the feeling that something was building under my surface. That something much larger wanted to come through my spirit much the same way that a baby prepares its mother’s body for birth. This was the same time that my graphic friend, Emilie DeMun, said she would be sending the deck over soon. The deck was about to come through.

72 hours prior to birthing, I was randomly led to a prophet in a store that I’ve been to a million times but one for whom I’ve never met. This prophet’s energy I immediately recognized and our brief five-minute conversation exposed me to what I needed to know that my crown chakra was opening. This was the beginning of the birthing cycle because within a day of this meeting I started to experience a massive headache at the base of my cranium. I was physically throwing up for hours afterward, feeling like complete shit, and wanting to do nothing but rest those next two days. After falling asleep for a little bit the night before the birthing, I awoke to one of the highest vibrations I’ve ever felt overcome my entire body! I sat in moments of complete bliss and presence that I’ve only known once before when I was allowed to cross over to the ethereal realm while assisting in a soul’s transition. That next morning, I found myself feeling very out-of-body, lighter-than-air, and I literally just sat in my car in some random parking lot, physically unable to move for over 6 hours! Attempting to engage the world, but only finding the ability to just be within it. In hindsight, these were all the same symptoms that human pre-labor proved to be when I had birthed my sons in the past… nausea, pain, a disconnection between body and soul, then suddenly… a new manifestation in the world. The first and only Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot deck was now in our world through the glory of plant spirit! 

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Awareness is an interesting thing, hindsight often gives us the bigger perspective that we couldn’t necessarily see through the trees of the moment. So when I stepped into this new path of being a medium that spiritually birthed a divine guidance tool, I naturally sat with the bird’s eye view (as a Gemini sun-sign, it’s where I normally live) and tried to investigate the happenings of my experience. What I found was that spiritual birthing, while referenced in multiple texts and human histories, its modern understanding is relatively limited. To those that read or know tarot, you will be familiar with birth decks, two cards mathematically aligned to your sun-sign birthdate to reveal the lifelong personality and path you will follow. There are also references to birthing tarot decks, an individual ritual often used in Voodoo magic to clean and charge your new deck. But the closest associations I found correlating my spiritual birthing experience to that of my physical form was derived from Christianity and is called forth through the practice of intercession, which is praying to divinity on behalf of another. It is reported that the intercessors will experience similar conditions to what a woman goes through during labor when they are praying for divine purposes to be fulfilled on the earth. All energies playing their part in a much larger vision. Life and death cycles, birth, rebirth, spiritual presence, it is all within the physical, and ethereal connections that the Cannabis plant spirit brings to our individual selves, and our world. And sometimes it manifests in exactly the same way as human birth does. 

Knowing what I do now, I knew it was my place to open up the conversation about the awakening state between dimensions that are continually being unveiled through the Cannabis plant spirit. Through being a plant spirit keeper, and now divination tool channel and guide, I know that there are many more humans that are experiencing what I know through plant spirit connection. That the correlations and associations of body, mind, and spirit on many levels resonate within many Cannabis community members because she is rising, and speaking to many of our souls… many souls for many reasons. Beloved plant spirit souls that I am grateful to call them my spiritual family. Community that has been gathering around the Cannabis Tarot, and calling out plant spirit medicine all over our world, because if there is one thing that I know about my journey with the Cannabis plant spirit, it is the fact that this plant is a divine connection that far surpasses what our mere human minds can conceive. That the female form is not the only one that can birth something great, and magical into our world and that Cannabis supports these creators, artists, inspirations, and mediums because the Cannabis plant spirit will call upon any soul, male or female, barren or fertile, to conceive a greater present unto humanity because that is how pure truth rolls. This plant’s wisdom has forever changed my understanding of what or who is called to Cannabis plant spirit to be vessels for greatness. 

In a Universe so vast, and plentiful in every abundant way, what a tremendous gift it is to receive the connection to plant spirit and be able to experience divinity in all human and ethereal forms!


*DISCLAIMER* I use my guidance, intuition, and wisdom to produce a message to the collective, not specifically meant for one person, situation, or outcome. I have, and will ALWAYS advocate for each soul to interpret all messages from their own divine authority and guidance, and to seek their own understanding of any communications from their own sovereignty first and foremost. I do not proclaim any answers, actions, directions, or authority over anyone at any time. I offer what I am given, the rest is the interpretation of the viewer/listener/other. Thank you.