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The Color of Cannabis

The Color of Cannabis

WHEN IT COMES to the weed we enjoy today, it’s not always the color of money. While most cannabis strains produce green buds, leaves, and flowers there are many strains that offer a more vibrant spectrum of visual bliss with colors such as purple, blue, red, white, and black to name a few. Let’s journey together and look deeper into what causes the many colors of cannabis to occur.

When it comes to the colors of cannabis what causes the many different varieties it all boils down to pH levels and Anthocyanins which are water-soluble pigment molecules known as flavonoids. While many people think about flavor when they hear the word flavonoid these molecules have nothing to do with flavor. The word flavonoid links back to the Latin word “flavus” which means yellow. An example of how pH levels can affect the colors of flowers and leaves can be clearly seen in nature during the fall. When temperatures begin to drop affecting pH levels leaves on trees begin to lose their vibrant green color and turn different shades of red, yellow, and orange.

The same thing occurs when pH levels are higher or lower than the optimal range for growing cannabis. Other variables such as weather and nutrients also play a large part in the final color of cannabis. In some cases though, it’s still a mystery and just part of the strains’ genetics that causes these visual delights to occur.  Let’s take a closer look at what causes the different colors of cannabis on the market today.


Purple Strains

Many purple strains of cannabis are a result of the plant being grown with a lower pH level and in a colder climate. This, however, is not the only way to obtain purple tinted cannabis. There are several different strains that naturally begin to lose chlorophyll toward the end of their life cycle allowing the plant to be grown in optimal conditions while still producing the vibrant purple colors that so many people desire today. Some of those strains include Granddaddy Purple and Purple Urkle.


Red and Pink Strains

When it comes to red and pink cannabis strains they are much rarer to find then purple ones. One strain that actually produces red and pink tinted buds and leaves rather than just red trichomes is Pink Flower Shaman. Predator Pink is another strain that offers different phenotypes with fuschia colored hues. Another way in which you can force this color upon cannabis strains is by manipulating the phosphorus content intentionally so as to make the plant phosphorus deficient. Don’t be fooled by names though as just because a strain may include pink in the name it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will produce pink bud.


Black Strains

Cannabis that appears so dark it almost looks black is produced by the same types of manipulation in which purple strains are created. There are however some very rare strains that will naturally produce black colored cannabis. These strains include Vietnamese black which is a Vietnamese landrace, Black Tuna, and Black Willy to name a few. These strains have been noted to produce intense cerebral and psychedelic effects. Black strains are probably one of the hardest to locate as they are not easy to replicate through manipulation of pH, temperature or nutrients.

Have you grown some amazing colorful pot or have a pic of some you have enjoyed? If so weed love to check them out!

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