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The Dennis Peron Compassion Calendar

The Dennis Peron Compassion Calendar

THE DENNIS PERON COMPASSION CALENDAR started as a labor of love by Cara Cordoni to raise funds for Dennis at the end of his life, while spreading Dennis’ message of love and compassion. Sadly, Dennis died on January 27th, before the calendar went to print. Now that Dennis is gone, the money raised is going to his memorials in San Francisco – a celebration at Cafe Flore on March 11th, and a mural dedication and party on his birthday, April 8th.

The Compassion Calendar is unconventional, like Dennis, (and so many cannabis consumers) – so it runs from April 2018- March 2019, and has none of the traditional holidays (no Easter, no Mother’s Day) instead featuring dates in cannabis and gay rights history, including 2/15, 4/20 and birthdays for Dennis, Jack Herer, Harvey Milk and Gilbert Baker (creator of the Rainbow flag).

Inside the cover is a short bio of Dennis and photos of him and his home, The Castro Castle, where he lived for decades. Below is a message from Dennis, the heart of which is that he did what he did (which is change the world through changing the law) for love – love of Jonathan West, his partner who died of AIDS in 1990, and for all the patients that needed help getting the medicine that served  them: cannabis.

Each month features 1 to 2 of 14 diverse women in cannabis, from seasoned activists, politicians and dispensary owners, to farmers, consultants and newcomers. All photos were shot at The Castro Castle, Dennis’ home for decades, celebrating the psychedelic vibe of the ‘70s and the spot where history was written.

Cara Cordoni (Ms February) fine tunes Claudia Mercado’s look (Ms March), while photographer Mark Rutherford waits.

The full list of models includes:

∗ Jean Quan, Former Mayor of Oakland

∗ Lynnette Shaw, Activist & Dispensary Owner, Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana

∗ Siobhan Danger Darwish, Founder, Grow Sisters

∗ Wendy Kornberg, Farmer/Owner, Sunnabis

∗ Anh Solis, Dispensary Owner, ReLeaf

∗ Brooke Sinclair, Co-Owner Bloomfield & Co

∗ Tara Bluecloud, Herbalist & Supply Chain Manager, Mendocino Medicinals and Sublime

∗ Sunshine Lencho, Attorney

∗ Cara Cordoni, Consultant & Writer, Asherah Consulting

∗ Claudia Mercado, Owner Calibeuno Distribution

∗ Tiffany Weaver, Extraction Expert, Standard Xtracts

∗ Dani Walton, Harborside staff

∗ Erin Dundas, Farmer/Owner, Hidden Prairie Farms

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∗ Jackie McGowan, Lobbyist and Activist, K Street

Jackie McGowan (Ms September) and photographer Mark Rutherford getting the shot on the spiral staircase in the downstairs garden at the Castro Castle.

‘Photographer Mark Rutherford definitely shifted this project from amateur to pro when he decided to take it on,’ said Cara Cordoni, who conceived of the project back in October of 2017. ‘It would have been a very different kind of calendar if he had not stepped up, along with cannabis mover-and-shaker, Ophelia Chong, who did the layout and graphic design. They both volunteered their expert time to this project, creating a beautiful offering for Dennis and the cannabis community.’

Erin Dundas and Wendy Kornberg seated at the table where 215 was written in the Castro Castle.

The production and first printing were made possible by a group of sponsors, the first of whom were also models who believed in the vision: Tara Bluecloud of Mendocino Medicinals and Sublime, Wendy Kornberg of Sunnabis, Erin Dundas of Hidden Prairie Farms and Jacqueline McGowan of K Street.

Additional sponsors include SKUNK Magazine (thank you!), THC Design, Plantacea, Humboldt Seed Company, Happy Day Farms, Meadow, The Apothecarium, New West Summit, Grow Sisters and Eaze.

Erin Dundas and Wendy Kornberg seated at the table where 215 was written in the Castro Castle.

The resulting Calendar is a gorgeous educational keepsake, with Dennis proudly watching from the back cover.

To purchase the Calendar and support Dennis’ memorials, use

1 for $30, 2 for $55, 5 for $140 and 10 for $275.


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