The International Church of Cannabis – Denver, Colorado

Q&A with The International Church of Cannabis by Kat King


What is The International Church of Cannabis?

The International Church of Cannabis is the spiritual home to Elevation Ministries (a federally recognized 501c3 Religious Organization) along with the community of “Elevationists” who gather there.

The church is a safe space for all those who use cannabis as part of their spiritual practice. It allows members of our community to explore their individual paths without fear. We believe that cannabis breaks down the walls between us and allows us to be part of one greater community founded in love.

All those who accept the basic tenets of the church are welcome to be a part of it. These are:

1) That you accept there are many valid spiritual pathways through life.

2) That you agree that cannabis is a vital aid to your transcendental experience and/or your connection with your deity.

3) That you believe taking positive action is greater than thoughts and prayers.

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Who is allowed to join the church?

Anybody who agrees with the above tenets is allowed to join the church. In accordance to the law, those over 21 years old are allowed to join us for private services at The International Church of Cannabis.

 What are the long-term goals for the church? Do you plan to expand to other states as legalization allows?

Yes. We have quite a lot of interest from people who wish to set up Elevationist churches in their communities. Therefore, in time, we hope to make that happen.

 Content provided by Lee Molloy, Co-Founding Member of The International Church of Cannabis

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