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The many great advantages of growing marijuana.

The many great advantages of growing marijuana.

grow marijuana

Ever thought of growing marijuana? Maybe you should give it a try. For a good number of people, marijuana is a recreational release and to others it serves as a powerful medicine that helps alleviate the symptoms of some health issues. Although in some states growing marijuana without a license is illegal, there is a push to make it lawful.

Marijuana possesses numerous benefits and its use can be dated far back as 1500 BC. While growing marijuana might seem like a difficult task, the truth is it is easy. The bases are straightforward despite the innovative techniques available. And since marijuana can adapt to any condition, it can be planted indoor provided the growing environment is controlled in accordance with your plant needs.

Starting Growing

grow marijuana


To start growing your own pot you will need to know a bit about marijuana, methods used to grow the plants, its nutrient requirements, pests and deficiencies etc. Marijuana strains have been oversimplified into two main groups; Indica and Sativa. Indica gives a relaxing effect while the later gives an energizing effect. When grown, both types look different, with Sativas leggy and tall and Indicas compact and short. Marijuana unlike most plants can be grown outdoor or indoor. Growing outdoor is great because it is less expensive since most of what is required is provided by nature.

The downside of this method is that it attracts a lot of attention and you have little or no control over the climate and light. Indoor growing does have it’s advantages. Growing indoor gives you the opportunity to create the ideal growth environment for your plant since you control the light, humidity, and temperature. The downside of this method is that you will have to deal with space restrictions and running cost. Here are a few advantages of growing marijuana.

Quality Control

The biggest problem surrounding the purchase of marijuana is that you never really know what’s in it. You don’t know if it was spread with heavy chemicals or if it is contaminated with pest. You aren’t even sure of the quality of the bud.

When you grow your own marijuana, you are know what you will get since you control what is used. You also get the opportunity of drying and curing your own marijuana. Curing marijuana helps improve its quality which lead to a smoother smoke.

Health Advantage.

As a pot grower, you have the advantage of living a potentially healthier and happier life. Studies have proven that marijuana could be use for the treatment of over 50 medical conditions. Those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis could use marijuana to find relief from muscle spasms, neurological effects, and tics. Marijuana is believed to be useful in relieving chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, chronic pain, and symptoms associated with spinal cord injury. It has also been shown ton help increase appetite and weight in AIDS, cancer, and anorexia nervosa patients.

It could be an effective treatment for neurodegenerative diseases and neuropsychiatric disorder such as Tourette’s syndrome (TS), Parkinson’s disease (PD), Huntington’s disease (HD), Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Epilepsy, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Marijuana has also been known to help reduce anxiety and blood pressure, help with sleep disorders.

It Saves You Tons of Money.

Another big advantage of cultivating your own pot is that it saves you a lot of money. It is expensive to buy weed from a dealer but inexpensive when you cultivate it. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with supporting your local businesses, particularly if you’re lucky to live where marijuana is legal. But, if you want to save money, there is no way but to grow your own. And don’t think you need a big, costly, full- on growing room to grow weed. Growing outdoors is easier and less costly because most of what you need is already provided by nature. And if you choose to grow your marijuana indoor be rest assured that as a good harvest could pay your initial investment cost. (Don’t sell unless you have a license).

You Have More Strains To Choose From.

If you grow your own pot, you have the benefit of selecting from various strains. Each strain produces different effects, and is used for different reasons. Many home growers cultivate more than one strain of marijuana. This way, you have the opportunity to smoke a range of cannabis varieties with different effects, properties, aromas and flavours.

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When you grow your own pot you become self-sufficient. No longer will you depend on dealers to smoke joint, make suspicious phone calls, smoke low-quality pot, or run out of weed. Plus you won’t have to deal with people you rather not deal with. Also you won’t run out of seeds since you can trigger seed growth with male marijuana plant.

Breeding of New Strains.

Smoking is exciting, and growing is a lot more exciting, but making your very own strain is where it gets really interesting. Since you exercise plenary control over your plants, you have the opportunity to create a unique strain for yourself. It might take some time to get the desired results, but trust me it would be worth the effort.

Stress Relief.

And other significant advantage of growing marijuana is that it can serve as an outlet to relief stress. Most gardeners may concur that tending to plants can help alleviate your daily stress. The same is true about growing pot. You’ll certainly face various challenges throughout the entire period. However, you will become more comfortable in your gardening skills as you develop a relationship with your plants. Taking time from your busy schedule to tend to your plant can help you clear your mind. Cultivating marijuana is exciting. Whether it be for medicinal or recreational purpose, there is this satisfaction you derive from planting your own seeds and harvesting your very own buds.

Making Marijuana Extracts

If you are a lover of harsh and extract then growing pot and utilizing plant material to create extracts would indeed be rewarding. Marijuana extracts can be prepared at home with affordable tools. After decarbing your cannabis, either oil or alcohol base can be used to extract the active cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant.

Is It Legal To Grow Marijuana?

As more light is drawn on the medicinal properties of marijuana, a good numbers of questions are been asked. One of the most frequently asked questions is if it is legal to grow marijuana. The answer is yes but only if you live in a state where the growth of marijuana is legal. In the UK, growing pot is illegal. In places like South Africa, it is legal to grow marijuana for personal consumption, if it is done privately. Parts of the USA and Canada, it is legal to grow so long as you stay within permitted plant numbers and have the necessary licenses. While in states like New Hampshire and Washington germination of marijuana seed is illegal but legal to purchase and use. In Uruguay cultivation of marijuana is legal so far you do not exceed the number of plants allowed.


Now you know the advantages of growing marijuana you can grow yours. However, you have to be careful about the law. Carry out proper research to know whether or not your state permits growth marijuana, and if it does stick to the permitted plant number.