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The Puro Company: Weaving Cannagars with Quality Flower

The Puro Company: Weaving Cannagars with Quality Flower

Have you ever smoked a cannagar? This hand-crafted homage to the art of tobacco has a long and mysterious lineage to it. Cannabis didn’t just appear in the New World; it was smoked by indigenous people for generations.

Hemp had also traveled the globe in the form of durable, salt-water sturdy ropes, it’s not far to imagine that very plant being smoked instead of only woven into paper or cloth. Tobacco and rum were the products of the seafarers with their logistical roots in Northern Europe. Distillation culture and commerce went hand-in-hand when we imagine the history of hemp/cannabis used in trade. Just as rum helped ply the seven seas, cannabis/hemp- along with a robust trade in tobacco made the long sea voyages just a bit easier to take.

But what does this have to do with cannagars?

They had to come from somewhere in history. The art of rolling tobacco has flourished since the plant was discovered in the first century in Central America. Originally tobacco was used for religious purposes and tobacco was embraced by sailors the world over, at least history tells us so. The history without weed that is.

Just a bit to the left of tobacco grows the plant known as hemp/cannabis. Without hemp the world would have not been discovered as quickly as it was. You cannot raise a sail without line and synthetic nylon rope was still hundreds of years in the future. The lines to raise the sails had to come from somewhere. This history of hemp/cannabis is just not taught in schools.

Fast forward to the present day technique of hand-rolling *the finest tobacco leaf-cigars stuffed with the finest cannabis that money can buy? Would that make you intrigued?

The Puro Company located in the Los Angeles region of Southern California, offers a smokable history lesson with regards to their esoteric, hand-rolled cannagars. The finest artisan flowers make up each cannagar that they craft, one at a time. They roll their flowers into a 1.5 gram cannabis cigarillos and a larger 3 gram version that offers a mini-vacation from your perceived problems. Their artistically drawn label reads, “All Killer, No Filler” and this means something to me. No stems, seeds, shake or fan leaf. This is a quality cannagar moment in time.

These carefully rolled cannagars are spun into a multi-hour experience best enjoyed over a weekend, because they last a long time. Each hit is introspective, thoughtful and pleasant, even for a non-tobacco smoking person like me. I don’t, as a rule smoke cigarettes nor cigars, yet the Puro Company Cannagars offer something richly unique and unequivocally sophisticated.

The historic art of wrapping cannabis in tobacco also mutes the oft- skunky aromatics that pure cannabis joint smoking offers passersby. Of course, the other side to rolling cannabis in tobacco is to lessen this potent aroma in the face of those who may find it distasteful.

We wouldn’t want that kind of attention, would we?

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I didn’t think so.

The Puro Company hand-builds darned good cannagars. Even for a non-tobacco smoker like myself, each one that I sampled got me extremely stoned.

Good job!

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