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The Soil King X Skunk Interview

The Soil King X Skunk Interview


Patrick is a true embodiment of a renaissance man and is also a close friend who stood by us during the most challenging years of the court battle we faced in the Canadian courts. He is one of the first people I confided in when I coined the term green renaissance and we have united in solidarity time and again to keep pushing our missions forward. Now we are coming together even more closely forming a collective of legacy brands to help protect and honor our shared histories and the values that we hold so dear, to live on the planet as stewards who practice husbandry both with the earth and her plants and within our communities. We understand that we were all designed to be protectors of the soils and waterways and that in so doing we can redefine what it means to be wealthy, fulfilled and successful humans in the world. As Patrick likes to say it is a journey from Seed to Soul! We are all seeds knitting a new fabric, like mycelium stretching across the planet, regenerating our sacred connection to the earth as we go. 

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