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The Way to Bliss is Time Enough

The Way to Bliss is Time Enough

420Waldos:  Why is a very important wristwatch for a very important time, and date so intriguing? And what is that time again? It is of course, 4:20 pm on 4/20. And what is it about this wristwatch that makes it irresistible? Tucked into that magic time, 4:20 is a little cannabis leaf. A smile ensues, followed by a belly laugh. But it’s not just serious fun watching the seconds tick by, it’s the importance of time itself, and the minutes and hours that move, like clockwork towards 4:20.

Here are the group of people who created the historically relevant name of 4:20 and they all have a verifiable and deeply fascinating back-story that involves a clandestine meeting. What time? That time of course, the most famous stoner time in the world. Four Twenty….
The day of that time of 4:20 is 4/20 of course. This rigorously documented history is true to the plant and with every sale of the 4:20 Waldo wristwatch,

(a fascinating story, click to the link, please read…) a portion of the proceeds goes towards the quest of the national legalization of cannabis.

As I gaze wistfully at this very special wristwatch on my wrist, as the hands of time gracefully move ever so much closer to that infamous little green cannabis leaf, I smile. That distinctive green cannabis leaf is of course located precisely at 4:20. I can take pause in knowing that this time is very special for everyone who knows the deeply inner meaning of 4:20 on 4/20. Not even my own Swiss wristwatch gently reminds me of 4:20 during the day, or night…

Fortunately, 4:20 comes twice a day. I can rest assured that the quality in this little glow in the dark- wristwatch will bring a smile to the wearer often and a fun conversation to all others. A win/win, good job to the history of 4:20 Waldo… on 4/20!

Introducing the North Coast Co.

Republic of North Coast “Box Pressed” Cannabis Cigars

Brilliance from the far north. One puff at a time.

North Coast Cannabis Co. Cannabis driven brilliance from “up north” and quite far away…

Travis Murphy

North Coast Cannabis


[email protected]

There is an East Coast, there is a West Coast, but did you know that there is a North Coast? Well friends, there is a North Coast and it’s located up north in Michigan. What are they growing up in these northern climes? Some of the best cannabis in the country that you haven’t smoked yet is happening, right now in Detroit.

I was immediately charmed by the names of the blunts, cannarillos and joints. Each hand rolled version is carefully constructed from the finest locally grown artisanal herbs to offer the finest terroir of the place.

Banana Mac x Strawberries and Cream Donut- soft across the palate with bursts of beguiling fruit flavors. Comes on slowly but don’t let this subtle sweetness fool you, this is high test weed for sure. No beginners allowed!

Candy Rain donut

It shouldn’t take too long to decide what blend is your favorite. Mine is the Organic Mechanic78 in a plethora of Candy rain donut. It weaves a story from that fog between your ears. Of course, that would be your brain. Stoned again. What?

GMO and Key Lime Pie donut

Delicate Kentargal is not, but don’t let that strange name fool you. There is serious power in each metered draw. Each thrust into your lungs mesmerizes the body and sequesters your mind into droplets of stone fruit jam and oily citrus skin. Magnificent effort that took several hours from my mind and deposited them into the future tense.

Katana Kush blunt

There are ways to an end and the trichome heavy Katana Kush blunt reminds me of each one. It’s hard to remain focused with this blunt. The mind just gets wiped away, without smothering the personality. Take a hit, or five. You’ll get pasted all over your couch. Enjoyable work this represents.

Bahama mama blunt

Pure Clouds offers remarkable aromatics of baby skunk, citrus, pine needle oil and crushed stones. Then of course there is the stone. Where did my brain go? Into the pure clouds of your intimate memories.

Wed Pie blunt

Soblabs is doing amazing work, one hit at a time- from the carefully wrapped exterior to the poignant tangle of flower, this is cannabis to be savored. Pro Tip: don’t light with a torch, I use good old fashioned wooden matches. Take your time and enjoy the bounty that comes with hard work. No rush!

Key Lime Kush blunt (flower only)

To be able to grow such evocative flower is to unleash the plant towards the full potential. But don’t get me wrong. I adore concentrates like hash and rosin, there is a time and place for everything. Sometimes it’s important to smell the flowers without covering up their terps. Key Lime Kush is a bruised citrus fruit, oozing oils and candidly bemusing aromatics. Pure and lush across the mind, magically wiping away any bad dreams. Winner of that chicken dinner.

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Sour diesel rillo
Love gas rillo

By this time, the aromatics of petrol hand motionless around me. Kerosine instead of gasoline, diesel. baby skunks running around your brain, quickly unfolding onto stage left. Each puff elegantly enrobed in dark chocolate and creased stone fruits.

Deadhead OG x GMO rosin blunt

Statelinefarms does the job the first time, every time… I’m massively impressed by the Deadhead OG cultivar, imagine my pleasure to find this memorable strain woven into a blunt (no tobacco) created to Dark Star the rest of your afternoon.

Blue dream cannon
Yeti OG joint

I smoked a small slice from the cannon yesterday. Creating “butter-cake” opulence in every puff, this candidly “pick of the litter” with a smooth start and a raucous finish. If I had tried to smoke the entire cannon in one sitting, I’d be ripped! Perhaps that’s the idea of enjoying a cannon, the potential to make your experience all the more profound.

Ice Cream Cake x crusher rosin Cannagar
Wrapped in @millionbananasworld fermented organic banana leaf ????

This is a very special object of rare beauty. An establishment from exceptional minds who work with a lifetime of possibilities. In this case these probabilities are only as endless as the imagination. I haven’t smoked more than a slice of this cannagar, but what I have experienced offers a chance to erase your mind and start afresh. Isn’t that why we smoke cannabis in the first place? To heal the mind and body, one puff at a time.

This was my intro letter. I thought it important to share because it offers the framework for why I love the terroir, or taste of the place. Each place in the world offers their own flavor. When I was in Berlin for the Bar Convent last year, I smoked some truly vivacious cannabis from Spain. This Spanish flower was alive with possibilities. Perfectly cured, I’d never tasted anything like it. That’s how I felt about the North Coast efforts. They are every bit as relevant with respect to their insightful approach to each assemblage. Their care through utter quality and craft-driven passion, as anything from anywhere that I’ve smoked to date.

I am so impressed by your flowers and the adjuncts… tomorrow it’s supposed to be warmer than 50 out, so I hope to taste some more… you and your team do righteous work. It’s completely different from what I’ve tasted from places like Oregon, Washington State and California, New Jersey, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada too.

I’d never tasted the terroir from your part of the country before. It’s very smooth across the tongue and down into the lungs. Very easy to enjoy. Laid back. Charming perhaps.

As I said. I’m impressed.

Thank you.  WB.