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The Women of High Altitude, Craft Cannabis in Colorado

The Women of High Altitude, Craft Cannabis in Colorado

Vision Quest Cannabis Cultivars

Nestled in the mountains of Chaffee County, Colorado at 9,000 ft, Vision Quest Cannabis has been gaining notoriety amongst top growers for their high potency and terpliscious cultivars.

This all-female cultivation team is comprised of three women: Emily Schmidt, Kim Downey and Ashley Lull. These ladies manage the entire grow facility from SEED to SOLD.

All female team at Vision Quest Cannabis

I had a chance to hang out with the ladies at the Vision Quest farm and check out their amazing crop! Among their current cultivars are Snowball, Grape Ape, Purple Sunset, Iced Grapefruit and Alpha Blue.

Established in 2013, Vision Quest’s production has more than doubled since becoming an all women grow team under the direction of Emily Schmidt. With a degree in horticulture from Colorado State University and years of experience in the Colorado Cannabis industry, she creates the ideal environment for plants and personnel to thrive.

“Women are still the minority in cannabis cultivation but have an essential and important place in the production of this amazing and versatile plant. Love to us is not just a word or a feeling when it comes to our business. Love is giving our plants not only the necessities but also the individual attention they crave.”
– Emily Schmidt

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This fem farm prides itself on the details of cultivating craft cannabis. Beginning with healthy seeds and clones transformed into healthy mother plants with attention and intention, then vegetating for strong roots and stem growth within each plant, to hand watering from clone until harvest. That is the Vision Quest way. The health and vitality of the plants can be experienced in the taste, potency and overall quality of these exquisite flowers.

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