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Things to Plant Now for Spring

Things to Plant Now for Spring

Photo by: Pina Messina

Why wait for spring to plant your favorite items? You can plant food and flower items all throughout the year in many climates. You may be in the heart of winter now, but soon the trees will sprout leaves and the wildflowers will return. Consider planting some of these items in advance of the spring season for your enjoyment.

Peas: Peas can survive very cold temperatures, so they are ideal for growing in cold climates during the winter months. You can enjoy them sooner than if you waited until spring to plant them.

Broccoli: This hearty, healthy vegetable is tough enough to brave the cold elements. It may grow slowly over the winter, but in the spring it will begin to accelerate quickly. You could enjoy broccoli harvests as early as the first week of June if you plant it at the right time and take care of it.

Lettuce: Lettuce is the most versatile and useful vegetable that you can plant in the winter months. Think of all the different ways you can use lettuce in your diet. It’s best to plant lettuce in January so that it is fresh and ready to eat by April or May. Lettuce can really take a pounding from cold temperatures, and it will come out the other side of winter alive and well.

Carrots: No winter garden would be complete without carrots. The crisp, crunchy, orange vegetables perfectly complement lettuce in salads and on sandwiches. You can also use them as healthy snacks. Carrots can take a little bit of extra time to grow depending on the weather, but they are worthy additions to your garden. It’s not surprising that carrots are also used in stews even in the late periods of winter in some areas.

Spinach: Spinach is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, and the good news is that it can grow during harsher times in your climate. It can be planted right along with your lettuce, and it should achieve great results in the same time. Spring is the time when everyone likes to start eating more salads, and the spinach will be ready just in time to enjoy.

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Kale: This popular, healthy green shouldn’t be skipped in your garden this winter. It is, however, more susceptible to cold and should be regulated by growing it indoors. A winter frost could wipe the plant out quickly.

Consider planting some of these vegetables and leafy greens now to enjoy a bountiful harvest come spring and summer!

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