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Strain Review – Tibbet Knob

Strain Review – Tibbet Knob

tibbet knob

Strain Name: Tibbet Knob -Named after a beautiful hike in Virginia on the Appalachian trail, overlooking West Virginia.


Breeder: Olfactory Genetics

Height: 2.5-3x

Weight (yield): Average

Flowering time: 60-67 (Days)

Indica 60%    Sativa 40%

Tibbet Knob is all gas, no brakes. She was created of a very special cut of Headband that is held closely in Oregon, often with the moniker of Brawband out of respect to @kingofbabylon6 for maintaining her and sharing with a few of us. She iscrossed with a male Skwurlkiller, bred by Pollen Nation Elite Genetics.When put into flower she can regulary stretch 2.5-3x her start height, making her a great candidate for SCROG style support to increase quantity of colas. Most phenotypes finish in 60-67 days.The common terpene profile follows that of the mother, gas, gas, and og funk. Occasionally, in addition to the gas you’ll find some slight tropical/strawberry profiles carry through from the paternal lineage, as well as an occasional outlier reminiscent of garlic, onion, and B.O.These flowers are often iced out, covered in trichomes. The shine of light across the surface creates a shimmer of glittery trichome heads.

Taste: When inhaling from an unburnt joint, expect sour and fuel flavors to hit the front of your tongue. Upon combustion, the smoke tickling your taste buds is fuel dominant with some peppery undertones.

Scent: Cured flower smells mostly of gas. Sometimes a slight tropical or cedar-esque profile will persist.

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What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Dried flower is just covered in trichomes, creating a silver sheen that is layered overtop of a very light orange and light green bud. Upon grinding the bud for consumption, it breaks down into a fine sediment, laden with gooey trichomes that holds the material together ever so slightly. As it’s poured out of the grinder, it cascades, as if it’s a wave in slow motion, to the surface of the rolling paper.

Speed of high onset: Once ingested, an uplifting, joyful experience quickly ensues.

Duration of high: 1-2 hours

Quality/type of high: Uplifting and silly. Lots of giggling to be enjoyed. Stories of accidentally brushing teeth with hand soap, instead of washing hands after using the restroom.

Medicinal qualities: Great for reducing stress and anxiety.