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TLO Micropond Growing – the Next Level

TLO Micropond Growing – the Next Level

TLO Micropond Growing Just Got Kicked up a Notch

Welcome everyone, and today I am going to share TLO Micropond growing (the next level) with you. If you want to see the relevant article about Micropond growing hit the link: TLO Micropond Growing Style 2021 – Skunk Magazine. The TLO part of the title stands for True Living Organics, a supernatural organic growing style for container growing. Grab a copy of my book, True Living Organics 2nd Edition by The Rev.  

Growing Container & Catch-Tray Road Rules

My number one hunny-bun container recommendation here is the Plant Warrior. There are other containers that will also work well, including the self-watering type containers. Our container rules are the same as they have been for TLO Micropond growing. If you are using or are going to use the Plant Warrior growing containers, make sure to drill out the little legs, so the soil in the containers has access to every last drop of water in the catch-tray—see video.

TLO Micropond Growing
Plant Warrior 2-Gallon Growing Container with Leg Holes Drilled Out

You want your containers to allow the soil to drink back up every drop from the catch-trays. You also want them with some type of elevated channels making “legs” or actual legs you can drill out. The third quality you want in your containers is drainage vents up high on the sides, so when the catch-tray is pretty full of runoff water from the containers, there are still open drainage holes that are not underwater.

TLO Micropond Growing
Plant Warrior Pots Have Severe Aeration (Drainage) Holes

Massive drainage holes that also serve as aeration holes are a must. In order for there to be supernatural TLO levels of microlife, you need your containers to have a shitload of access to air baybee. Many drainage holes also serve to drain out CO2 gas created in abundance whenever the soil is watered/wet.

TLO Micropond Growing—Methodology

This is like a hybrid growing system here, and it’s basically combining top watering (Micropond) with a bottom watering, almost reservoir dynamic. We add nutritious elements using top dressings, but also use additions to the catch-tray runoff water. Using the Micropond style, we use larger than normal sized catch-trays, and use a little too much water when watering, to make sure the catch tray ends up with a decent amount of water in it.

The next level twist is adding bottom watering, a little bit very often. You will never let this tray go dry for more than a couple of days max, and I have been keeping my catch-trays with some water in them about every other day. About enough to fill the trays 1-inch. This little move has shown me so much power that I am trying a pretty hairy growing move here. Flowering 3-foot plants, in 2-gallon containers… I know, right?! Looking great so far.

Micropond Breeding Plants in 2-Gallon Containers with Oversized Catch-Trays
Micropond Breeding Plants in 2-Gallon Containers with Oversized Catch-Trays

I have some 3-gallon pots standing by incase this little experiment goes to hell fast, but I have fairly high confidence here that I can pull this off well in 2-gallon containers. I have some other small plants I just transplanted from 3-inch pots (see photo below) into 1-gallon pots, and I may try to flower them to about a 2-foot height in these 1-gallon containers. I mean, if it works in the 2-gallon pots, why not push the envelope a bit and see. One thing for sure, this growing style is very powerful.

Just Transplanted from 3-Inch Pots into 1-Gallon Pots for the Next Experiment
Just Transplanted from 3-Inch Pots into 1-Gallon Pots for the Next Experiment

TLO Micropond Growing—Summery and Routine

  • Like Micropond growing, you use larger sized catch-trays, and water with enough water to fill the catch-tray to near full. You also can sprinkle amendments on top of the runoff water in the catch-trays. Alfalfa and kelp meal are both excellent for this. Hit the link above in this article to see Micropond style.
  • Between watering times, you want to keep a level of water in the catch trays most of the time, I fill them every other day between watering times, and my watering times are stretched out a bit as well due to this. I do not use any amendments on this bottom water, just water, nothing special about it. Same water you would use on your plants, mine runs around 60-64 PPM.
  • Try and avoid containers that do not have a lifted, or channeled floor. It’s a better idea to have less soil actually underwater when you are bottom watering. This is why those drilled out legs really works so well.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s article. TLO Micropond growing is really powerful in its own right, but when combined with some bottom watering dynamics, it goes off the chain powerful, yowza! Get yourselves some killer sexually healthy cannabis seeds over at Kingdom Organic Seeds and start your super-exotic garden before the year’s end.

I’m outty for now good peeps, L8r G8rs…

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