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UnderRated & Garth Vader release “Never Gonna Register” 

UnderRated & Garth Vader release “Never Gonna Register” 


,Humboldt based Rap Duo Underrated & Garth Culti Vader launch “Never Gonna Register” in support of traditional market farmers 

Humboldt, California –  We are beginning to see what a post legalization world looks like. As a result, many who have existed in the traditional marketplace have been overlooked or further criminalized. This rings the most true for the residents of Humboldt, California. 

Most Skunk Readers are very familiar with Humboldt’s legendary hills of Northern California. For those who aren’t, Humboldt is a Mecca of traditional market growers, who, for the last 50 plus years, have grown most of California’s cannabis. For many, Humboldt has been recognized as home to freedom fighters, organic farming and community living. In recent years, Humboldt has come under fire with series like Netflix’s Murder Mountain. Painting a picture of a violent crime haven. 

Enter UnderRated and Garth Culti Vader. Two Humboldt locals who just happen to be fantastic MC’s and musicians. In various projects the pair discovered music, cannabis, positive creative expression, and never looked back.  However, post legalization, the two have become more conscious towards over corporatization of a plant, which is destroying a community very dear to them. 

UnderRated, Darth Culti Vader and a sweet snake.



Which brings us to their new single and video, “Never Gonna Register”. Never Gonna Register is the latest single off of BLACK MARKETS MATTER, the duo’s first outing as a two piece. 

In a yet-to-be-releases interview, Underrated had this to say about Never Gonna Register, “We were talking about what was going on in Humboldt and the whole marijuana scene. Garth was like fuck that. I’m never gonna do that [register]… and I was like, let’s write a song about it!” 

Underrated has been producing beats and rhyming out of Humboldt for over twenty years. A veteran of touring and recording, he’s figured out a balance to the creative process. Staying true to his roots, telling the truth, and keeping his music fun are his top priorities. “We’re watching our friends and family go through such bullshit trying to get legal. Farmers are getting treated shit, so we kinda made a funny song about it, but at the same time – it’s serious.” 



Black Markets Matter is an unapologetic look into the realities facing Humboldt County, California, the birthplace of American weed culture. When Prop 64 passed in 2016, life was turned upside down for the growers and family farms in the infamous Emerald Triangle. The local economy took a brutal hit.

Deep pocketed newcomers, some with no background in the cannabis industry, caused wages to plummet. Trimmers and other workers saw their pay cut in half. Restaurants and other small, locally owned businesses that had thrived for decades were forced to close. Families sold their homes and other belongings to afford the expensive application process. As the rest of California celebrated legalization and the corporate vultures circled, Humboldt County’s own UnderRated and Garth Culti Vader gathered their thoughts and experiences and wrote a no holds barred banger of a rebuttal to the grim reality of the new legal cannabis frontier. 

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“We’re watching our friends and family go through such bullshit trying to get legal. Farmers are getting treated shit. So, we kinda made a funny song about it, but at the same time – it’s serious.” 

Unlike any other release, Black Markets Matter takes listeners beyond the usual celebration of the plant and into the lives of those who put it all on the line to grow and distribute it. It’s not all bong rips and munchies, folks. People’s freedom, their property, and ability to provide for their families is on the line.

Something else to consider is that without the black market, we wouldn’t have Cheech and Chong to watch, Cypress Hill, Bob Marley, and Snoop to listen to, or even High Times Magazine. These weed culture icons are also American comedy and music staples and were all made possible by the black market, and that is why this message will ring true not only to anyone who has ever enjoyed smoking weed, but anyone who has enjoyed the entertainment made by people inspired by Humboldt’s most notorious cash crop. Black Markets Matter brings it all full circle and explains in no uncertain terms. Peter Tosh did not have this in mind when he sang, “Legalize It”.

On 4/20, underground hip hop and black market weed join forces to spread the truth about the corporate takeover of cannabis. 

Black Markets Matter speaks on behalf of Humboldt County, a community that has kept America high for 50 years, so it’s really not too much to ask that we listen to what they have to say. More than an album, Black Markets Matter is a movement…and it’s growing.

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