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Upgrading Your Skills Growing Cannabis Indoors – with Rev

Upgrading Your Skills Growing Cannabis Indoors – with Rev

Let’s Dial in Our Gardens During Lockdown Amigos

A Perfect Time Now, to Work on Some True Skills Growing Cannabis Indoors

Well, greetings and salutations good peeps. Now that all of us are basically on lockdown from the zombie apocalypse, it’s a great time to dial in some stuff regarding our indoor cannabis plants. Growing cannabis indoors is fun and rewarding, and whether you are highly skilled or just starting out, today’s article is going to help you dial in (tweak) 3 critical aspects of growing cannabis indoors.

First, I’ll give you a little advice about countering cannabis plant parasites, like PM (powdery mildew), and mites; and guidelines for staying pest free. Then, some information regarding air movement in your gardens, I see a lot of gardens that need help in this area specifically. Last but not least, I’ll share some experience that can vastly improve your watering skills. Messing up on your plants’ watering needs will really bone you bad, I’ll show you a couple cool ways to keep your plants’ water needs handled perfectly … No kidding, perfectly.

Mmmmmm Hash
If You Do Get Infested with Parasites During Flowering You Can Always Make Hash

During this contagion time, the changes to our lives can incorporate some fun, and rewarding activities. I mean, what a great time to upgrade some aspects of your indoor garden(s), so you aren’t just growing cannabis indoors, at home, you’re growing stellar cannabis! The devil’s in the details with growing for sure, and as I have always said, a truly skilled grower knows hundreds of small moves, not some magic few. How about we dial in three things in our indoor gardens this month? Plant Parasite Countering Skills (Powdery Mildew and Mites), watering skills, and ventilation.

Plant Parasite Countering Skills (Powdery Mildew and Mites)

Of course, starting your grow from clones, you get from someplace, like a friend, a grow shop, or whatever, have a very high probability of bringing along some “invisible” plant parasites, like powdery mildew (PM), spider mites, and russet mites, to name three of the worst.

I say “invisible” because they are as good as invisible when hitchhiking on the clones, due to their minute size; especially russet mites. PM is also next to impossible to see on clones, and I suspect it even rides along just under the outer surface of the leaves. An easy solution here amigos, start from seeds, and make your own clones to keep you jamming.

Growing cannabis indoors, pest free, is a beautiful thing. PM can come into your house, and so into your gardens, many ways. Friends visiting from their PM infested gardens for example. Shoes are a biggie, even from walking around outside, you can carry back all kinds of crap into your gardens on your shoes, like mites and PM for sure.

Proactive Anti-Parasite Moves Growing Cannabis Indoors

I have a couple pair of “Garden Shoes” that are basically comfy slippers, right outside my gardens’ doors, to remind me to put them on before going in. Also, animals that go outside shouldn’t go into your gardens. Try and handle all work with your cannabis garden first thing in the morning or right after a shower, before you have encountered the hitchhiking pests roaming around outside; literally everywhere—It’s what they do mon.

Don’t get cool new houseplants, heh heh, they can be (and often are) enormously infected with PM or mites; and who knows what else. I have seen houseplants, especially the kind purchased at gift shops, or grocery stores, bring PM (especially PM) and/or spider mites, into cannabis home gardens more than a couple of times.

If your gardens suck in fresh air from outdoors, you need some filtration, because PM spores are literally everywhere flying around outdoors; seasonally speaking, especially during fall. I use passive air intake from my home for fresh air, rather than sucking it in from outdoors. Tweak this aspect of your grow, pest free is a beautiful thing that means higher quality and bigger yields.

Air Circulation and Air Exchange Skills

 Black Fabric Light-Tight Seal for Vents in Windows
Black Fabric Light-Tight Seal for Vents in Windows

Definitely an all-important subject matter here when growing cannabis indoors, that doesn’t always get the respect it deserves, in my opinion. In order for your plants to be all they can be, they must have a decent amount of fresh air, and, that air needs to be moving around them as well. This has everything to do with staying PM free, and having stellar, fast-growing plants. Here’s a really easy formula to figure out how much power a given air exchange fan needs to have, in your specific grow room(s).

CFM stand for Cubic Feet per Minute, and in fan-speak, that’s how much volume, in cubic feet, of air that a fan can move/exchange/extract, per minute. In any grow (flowering) room, you want (need) to be able to totally exchange all the air every several minutes, or so. You need a good fan here pulling air out, and the fresh air coming in can be passive from your home, or filtered through dedicated passive intake vents from outside.

egging Areas Require Less Air Extraction than Flowering Areas
Vegging Areas Require Significantly Less Air Extraction than Flowering Areas

Example of Air Exchange Specs Below

If you have a 10’ x 12’ bedroom as a grow room, let’s say, that is also 8’ high, you have 960 cubic feet of air in that room. 10’x12’x8’ = 960 cubic feet; boom! So, your fan would ideally need to be about 450 CFM. A 350 CFM fan would still work well. These are flowering room stats.

For vegging grow rooms you can totally exchange the air in those rooms every 5 – 10 minutes, depending upon plant density in that room, and be all good. In the example of room size above, you could instead use a fan with something like 200 or 250 CFM if it was a vegging room. Elicent brand fans are super high quality, and uber quiet, FYI ????

Watering Skills – Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing cannabis, indoors especially, a poor, inconsistent watering dynamic can cost you big, if you fuck up with it. Even just a couple good watering fuckups during flowering cycle can knock down your yields and quality, bigtime! It’s often super handy to grab benchmark formulas when growing, since the whole dynamic of growing is ever changing. One of these formulas that is very helpful here, is a formula that tells you how much water your plants need, each, during a given watering.

Happy Plants Get Consistent Watering Whenever Needed
Happy Plants Get Consistent Watering Whenever Needed

It should be noted that your plants’ water needs will change with size, growth stage, and ambient environmental conditions. The best way that I use to this day to tell when my plants need watering is just gently lifting the pot to check the weight. Setting it back down gently is important, so you don’t compact the soil in the container over time. For watering, let’s use an example with a 3-gallon growing container here…

Aways Aerate Your Cannabis Water
Always Aerate Your Cannabis Water

A 3-gallon growing container needs about 2000 mL (about ½ gallon) of water to thoroughly satisfy it in my experience. Extrapolating from that, you would want about 1/6th of the container volume, in water volume whenever watering your plants. In a 1-gallon container, you would want about 22 oz. of water to thoroughly satisfy the plant’s needs when dry.

Your Mission:

Dial in a method so you can measure how much water each plant gets when you water, give that to them each time you water, and you will see great things my friend. Growing cannabis indoors can be unreal fun when your plants are rocking huge and your buds are immense, and dripping with resin. Trust me, I know things, heh heh.

Afterword with Rev

Cannabis Gummies Help During The Zombie Apocolypse
Cannabis Gummies Help During The Zombie Apocalypse

Since there’s really not many places to go out these days, because, you know, the zombies and everything, I have been tweaking my gardens, eating hash chocolates, cannabis gummies, taking a lot of cool baked bike rides with killer tunes, and making some awesome foods—my fish tacos rock, just sayin’.

I know a ton of you out there are in bad shape, suddenly out of work etc. Growing cannabis indoors can be spendy when compared to growing cannabis outdoors, especially on smaller scales outdoors. Many states allow you to grow a few plants outdoors now, like my state of Oregon. This might be a great option for you to start exploring … Like, now ????

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Rev’s 15-Year-Old Apocalypse Bong

Starting from seeds indoors is awesome, just time it so you can place your plants outside around mid-June when they are about 1-foot tall, and have been under a 16/8 photoperiod for at least 2 weeks.

I hope this article has made you ponder some tweaks to your dynamic when growing cannabis indoors, or maybe even inspired you to start an indoor home grow; or even an outdoor one. A super cool and rewarding hobby for sure. Grab some cool seeds to start some new baybees indoors, like from KOS – Kingdom Organic Seeds Online – at Kingdom Organic Seeds. In about a week or so, a new variety called Blue Thai will be released, at just forty bucks a pack (10 seeds), and she’s a real beauty. Grab a pack and start ‘em up ????and that’ll give you some fun stuff to do!

L8r G8rs,

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