Verified Genetics 89 Purple Afghani x Bumble Kat

89 Purple Afghani x Bumble Kat

Kingston selected the 89 Purple Afghani for its resin content and old school skunk thiol presence. He then paired this with the Katsu Bubba Kush and Bazooka Bumble Hybrid for its vigor, exotic terpene profile, trichome production, heavy yield, and it’s resistance to the elements, both indoor and outdoor.

Expect deep skunky, kushy, gassy, funky, kerosene bubblegum expressions (depending on your selection).

Grown and photographed by @the_florists_florist on the East Coast


I am just a retired ethnobotanical breeder sharing knowledge with the future generation of activists in the hopes that sustainable practices will continue to be the cornerstone of responsible breeding and cultivation