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Verified Genetics Jugo Naranja

Verified Genetics Jugo Naranja

Verified genetics Jugo Naranja …The Who is a Columbian and Oaxacan hybrid from the old days that originated in New york that tastes like pure not from concentrate valencia orange juice and skunk…The rare and highly sought after Who clone only mother gifted to him in the 90’s by Little man Aka the brain and his brothers Burger and Barrel was selected by Kingston for it’s epigenetic expression ……For the father …a Bazooka Bumble male selection was used to increase yield and resin production thus creating this incredible varietal Jugo Naranja!!….Beautiful terpene soaked flowers that explode with Fragrances that vary from Fresh squeezed oj and kerosene….Sour piney funk… and Skunky Bazooka bubblegum depending on the selection….a prodigious addition to the galaxy indeed…..Grown and photographed by brother @the_florists_florist

IG: @nattymegs / @lionridgefamilyfarm

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