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Pennsylvania – Former member of Pennsylvania hip-hop collective Space Kamp, Split Divo has signed with Rebel Hippies Media and launched his music video for stoney new solo “Lose A Lung” online. The track was produced by Big City and recorded at Dizzibot Studios in Allentown, PA before mixed and mastered by DJ Hoppa (Dizzy Wright, Demrick, Broken Complex). For the video shoot Split Divo surrounded himself in a sea of greenery at Kalbra CBD in Catasauqua, PA as he blazes through some razor-sharp rhymes. “Lose A Lung” is the first single from his upcoming new debut album “Blotter Sheet”, which will be unleashed later this summer with some original production work by DJ Hoppa.

Watch: Lose A Lung by Split Divo

ABOUT: Split Divo

Geoff “Split” DiVittorio has been on the grind as a solo artist and a former member of Pennsylvania hip-hop collective Space Kamp. With lyrics visiting topics ranging from social injustice to inner conflict and from psychedelic exploration to ethical conundrums, he attempts to tackle the disorder of life itself. If not to defeat it, then only to understand it as well as one can.

The rowdy song-writer/vocalist hailing from Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley aims to free his audience from the chains of uncertainty, social conditioning, and misguided loathing. His story is one of redemption, in which he challenges the patterns that once lead him through run-ins with the law and discovers his authentic truth.

Split Divo has elevated his live show taking it on the road on national tours with fellow Philadelphia hip-hop alumni Adlib. He’s also shared stages with the likes of Tech N9ne, Madchild, Slaine, Kottonmouth Kings, Immortal Technique, Gravediggaz, and Diabolic. He’s worked with Juno Award-winning producer Rob the Viking (Swollen Members, Madchild) and has demonstrated his versatility and capacity for sonic achievement as well as brand creation and development.

His works with them have been premiered by High Times and HipHopDX and are known well by members of such successful brands as Beard Bros Pharms, and SRH Clothing. In light of his high-energy live shows and presentation, his previous success and personal connection with his audience as a touring artist, and his vision for elevated and fearless mankind, he will be taking his new act on the road in the spring of 2020. Pay attention as he shines a light into the darkest corners of us all.


SM: What is the inspiration behind the new release?

The Blotter Sheet EP is like an exploration of a psychedelic trip in the mind of an introvert like myself. I talk some about actual experiences and some about utter fantasy. Maybe it’s like a “thank you” to the mushroom gods for all the experiences, but I definitely see it as a way to acknowledge the role these trips have played in my life. I’ve tripped in dingy little basements, on Shakedown st outside of Phish shows, and on tour with my friends wandering around Vegas.

SM: Tell us a bit about where this was recorded…

These final recordings were done in October of 2019 at my studio, DiZZiBOT in Allentown. I tattoo there as well. That’s my home base. 
Most of the production came from in-house at DiZZiBOT Studios. Big City is my main go-to, dude is like a brother to me. We-vibe and create really well together.  But we wanted to bring in another set of ears and it had to be someone who would vibe with the content. DJ Hoppa was my first choice so I reached out. He was down, he liked the demos. His mixing really brought a punch and snap to these tracks that we couldn’t have reached without him. He also produced the track Centerfold for the project. Killed it. 

SM: What was the songwriting process like for you? 

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I feel like every situation is different. Every song has an origin. Sometimes you know what you want to write about and you have a whole song’s worth of lyrics before you ever pick a beat. That was the case with Lose a Lung. Other times you might hear a beat you just need to write to. It’s whatever’s calling me, I try to stay open to all channels of inspiration. 

SM: What’s the difference between this release compared to your previous releases with Space Kamp? 

I put out some solo music in the past, before my time with Kamp. That stuff was okay, I did some work for sure. My time with Kamp really elevated my ambitions though. The art really leveled up. Some of those older Split D music doesn’t suit me anymore… I outgrew it. I don’t think I’ll ever feel that way about this EP. 

 SM: Do you plan to tour in support of this release and what can your fans expect if they catch a live set?

We had a tour booked before this COVID disaster and unfortunately we had to cancel for now. I can’t wait to reschedule and get this live act in front of an audience. The live show is go-time from start to finish. I think that’s what people expected from me with Kamp and that’s always been my genuine approach. It’s not an act, I’m up there to get live and have fun.

SM: What do you hope people take away from the music and after hearing the EP?
I hope people can think about some things differently after they hear this EP. Not that it’s all serious and I’m trying to change lives or change the world with it because that’s not it at all. But maybe someone thinks about psychedelics differently afterward. Maybe someone hears something I said and thinks a little better of themselves for it. I wish that for people.