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Viper Cookies Strain Report

Viper Cookies Strain Report

By Michael Strupp aka Mendo Mikey

1. Viper Cookies

2. Moxie Seeds

3. Medium 3-5 feet

4. Medium to Heavy Yield

5. Flowering 54-60 days (Indoors)

6. Indica Dominant

7. The Viper Cookies is a cross between the Forum Girl Scout Cookies x Viper City OG. The Girl Scout cookies show more phenotypic expression, but the Viper City OG brings that gassiness to the nose. The seeds were purchased at the 2015 High Times cup in San Bernardino and hunted by Mendo Mikey on the Mendocino Coast. While growing, the viper cookies form dense, resinous flowers with good inter-nodal spacing that fade to purple during the last weeks of flower. The dominant Terpenes are Myrcene and beta-caryophyllene, followed by linalool. The dried flowers routinely test 23%-30% THC, with total terpenes ranging to just over 2%. Viper Cookies is a sturdy plant that finishes quickly while testing high and always delivers potency when smoked. When growing, it’s hard not to see the dense, resinous flowers and “what strain is that?” Its terpene profile is truly unique and doesn’t smell like anything else on the market, making it stand out both aromatically and visually. This strain is well known along the Mendocino Coast and was branded and popularized by Madrone from 2018-2020. Look for it again at your California dispensary in Wood Wide jars starting on the first quarter of 2022.

8. When combusted the Viper has a dense hashy smoke with peppery undertones. When tasted on the dry hit the front of the tongue hits sweet followed by gas and fresh dough.

9. The smell has once been described and the scent of a high-end used bookstore, and there’s something spot on about that. It’s cheesy, funky, gassy, with a hint of locker room. When smoked, it fills the room with a sweet and musky aroma, like the den of a British Lord.

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10. Viper cookies ranges from slightly to dark purple with recessed orange hairs. The buds are tight and resinous, and covered in dense trichomes.

11. The Viper Cookies hits you very quickly after smoking. Once you exhale, you can feel it starting to work behind your eye sockets.

12. The high lasts 2-3 hours for regular smokers and can last much longer for the uninitiated.

13. The quality of the high is very narcotic and sedative and lends itself to end-of-the-day smoke. Great for relaxing with loved ones in front of the fire or cuddled up on the couch watching movies.

14. Good for sleep, relaxation, and appetite stimulation, while known to induce uncontrollable fits of laughter and keep you procrastinating from paying bills and doing chores.