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Want Full Melt Bubble Hash? Get High Quality Filter Bags

Want Full Melt Bubble Hash? Get High Quality Filter Bags

Full Melt Bubble Hash

Full melt bubble hash is the holy grail of cannabis concentrates; desired by novices and connoisseurs alike.    

You are no exception.

Today is the day you get to see the results of your hard work and you can barely contain your excitement.  A few days ago, after finding on Instagram a grower with super dank flowers, you bought trim for a great deal.  You rushed home and set up your equipment garnered from various low-cost websites. You then diligently followed the instructions set forth by well-respected hash makers.  Keeping with the latest in bubble hashmaking techniques, you opted for freeze-drying over air drying. A day later, it is time to get your prize. As you walk over to the unassuming silver machine, goosebumps form along your arms.

White Hash powder

Pulling a tray from the freeze dryer, you smile at the light colored 73 – 159 micron hash before you.  Your grin fades somewhat when you realize that the color of the resin is not uniform. In fact, it seem like some of the darker 160 micron hash has been peppered in with your nearly pristine collection of what you had hoped was full melt.  Peering more closely you see that the trichomes seem to have filaments woven into the quickly warming resin. You are aghast. You thought this was going to be a full melt hash, but now it seems poor quality.

What went wrong?

Though many elements have their part to play in the production of full melt, first and foremost regard is for the material being processed.  The popularity of “#credittothebreeder” and “#creditothefarmer” acknowledge that great concentrates begin with fantastically bred, selected, and grown plants.  

All of that care could be for naught at harvest, so it is imperative that trimmers then diligently and patiently handle the crop for the best chance of producing the highest quality resin.

white hash

As a hashmaker, however, you cannot control any of these separate variables.  You do have control over your hashmaking process and all of the tools you use to ensure that you perform at your highest possible level.

Unquestionably, filter bag sets can be bought online for less than 100 dollars, but you get what you pay for. There are two main reasons for which you may regret your decision to turn to low-cost alternatives.

Poorly made bubble hash bags will often have unequal and unreliable mesh sizes.  The bags are not able to dependably retain or release the right size of resin heads.  Bags with loose meshes will allow larger heads to fall into lower bags. Low-quality bags will often have uneven sizes all throughout the bag, but especially around the edges; close to the seam.  If you know that the sweet spot for Gorilla Glue #4 is in the 73 micron bag, you definitely do not want flowing in the mix 121 – 159 micron heads that should have been caught by the 120 bag.

When using imitation mesh bags, another concern is fraying.  As you make bubble hash, filter bags are subject to extreme temperatures and need to be very durable.  With low-quality bags, the first few runs might be fine; leading you to pat yourself on the back for having saved a few dollars on your equipment. However, it will not be very long before you will start to see fine “hairs’ in your resin. Initially, you may chide yourself for your cleanliness and take pains to make sure no contaminant sullies your resin.  However, problems persist. When you look at the resin in a microscope. you see long, fine hairs marring the beautiful landscape of fresh heads. This unfortunate situation is due to fraying of the nylon which makes up the mesh of the bag.  Once the bags start to go, they are of very little use.

High-quality bags like Boldtbags do not suffer from such amatuer concerns.  Professionals such as Frenchy Cannoli trust these bags for the cleanest capture of the precious heads.   I have been using the same set for over 3 years and I have experienced no fraying at all. Boldtbags are made by hand in the USA.  Each bag has been reinforced with double stitching to provide industrial strength and prevent resin loss in use.

skunk white hash

You now realize it is imperative to start with the finest materials, both in terms of biomass and equipment.  You start growing your own cannabis You tend to your garden with utmost diligence. You harvest and prep your material to be washed.  With supreme skill, you wash


your dank, fresh frozen small buds. Your newly purchased Boldtbags catch the pure gold spilling from your machine.  You dry your resin to perfection. The anticipation is driving you insane. Removing each tray you examine the glittery mounds of heads. With a quick scoop, you give yourself a dab at a nearby e-nail.  Exhaling all of the stress of this moment, you smile because NOW, you are truly satisfied.


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