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Watch Skrewtape’s ‘Stoned Like Dem White Bols’ Video: Exclusive Premiere

Screwtape Video


Watch Skrewtape’s ‘Stoned Like Dem White Bols’ Video: Exclusive Premiere

Watch it below:
Artist: Skrewtape 
Song: Stoned Like Dem White Bols
Producer: Expo


“4/20 is a legendary holiday but 7/10 is on the come up. Concentrates are the Present and Future of the Industry. In honor of the occasion, Philly Smoke Sessions is throwing a huge outdoor festival at One Art Community Center in West Philadelphia,” commented Sensi Starr president J.O the Last Man. “Dispensaries from all over the country will be set up at booths, vending and sharing all their fine Medicinal Products; as well as an All-Starr cast of performers on the main stage including Skrewtape and the rest of the Sensi roster. And what better way to celebrate than to get stoned with the Sensi Starr crew?


“I had bothered Expo for months to produce something using the Big Boi from Outkast lyric, ‘We was Stoned Like Dem Whiteboys’. When he finally sent me the instrumental and I knew right away we had to shoot a video,” said Skrewtape. “It was a perfect fit. The beat is fun, yet super raw and larger than life. I think that energy translates well in the video. We had fun shooting it.”

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