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We Are Wolves Are Back and Leading the Pack

We Are Wolves Are Back and Leading the Pack

We Are Wolves

Montreal based indie rock darlings We Are Wolves have been slugging it out in the scene for over 15 years. Their unique brand of thrashy synth pop has helped the band to carve out their own niche and maintain a longevity that is usually unheard of for any band. Having spent the majority of the last couple years touring extensively through South America, the band is back with a new ep. On the heels of “En La Noche”, the Spanish first single off their bilingual ep, La Main de Dieu, We Are Wolves performed a showcase during Canadian Music Week.

As soon as the We Are Wolves’ set starts the energy and intensity coming from the stage draws you in. There is an immediate familiarity in the band’s aural aesthetic reminiscent of The Hives meets DFA 1979 meets a pop wall of noise that is way bigger than you would expect from a three piece. We Are Wolves are veterans of the music scene and their passionate live show is a direct reflection of over 15 years of dedication and friendship together. The drummer plays his stripped down kit while standing up, his flailing arms and spastic dance moves punctuating the lead singer’s frantic vocals and buzzy bass/guitar licks while the synth player plays mad scientist behind racks of keyboards, samplers and drum machines. The resulting sound is big, seriously catchy, energetic and really fun to dance to. The crowd of die-hard fans sways and sings along to every single song, some have travelled from as far as New York to catch the We Are Wolves’ set. The band’s live show is tailored to their fans and they pick their set list songs as they go, feeding off the crowd’s energy and vibe. We Are Wolves leave the audience wanting more at the end of their blistering show with fans shouting out (in French and English) for them to play more songs.

After the show I hang out chatting with the band while that super fan I mentioned from New York mills around, looking star struck. He tells me he drove to Toronto by himself just to see We Are Wolves perform. When I drag him over to meet the band (much to his shy protest) I am struck by how humble and grateful the band is to meet him. They chat for a while sharing stories and jokes and afterwards Mr. Superfan and Alex, We Are Wolves’ lead singer, thank me saying that was a great experience for both of them to meet. We Are Wolves are rad guys who live their passion and have stayed true to themselves. If you haven’t already, make sure you add these guys to your summer party playlist. You can thank me later.

Ahead of their scorching set at Baby G, Alex (the band’s singer) answered a few questions for Skunk Magazine :

  1. It’s been a while since your last album was released, why such a long break and how easy was it to get back in the studio?
    A: Yes it’s been a little more than 2 years since our last record, it’s because we have been touring alot in South America and getting inspired by the great weather and the nice people. Getting back in the studio mode was easy cause we had a good idea of where we wanted to go.2. “En La Noche”, the first single off your new ep is in Spanish and your upcoming ep is bilingual, what have been the advantages of being a multi-lingual band?
    A: Being a multi-lingual band gives you the advantage of thinking in different ways… composing and experimenting in different mind sets…….everything is language!!3. The video for “En La Noche” was shot and edited by the band while on tour through Chile. That personal, candid look into a band’s tour life is always fun to watch, do you plan on shooting more of your own videos?
    A: Yes absolutely!! I love DIY tour videos! And we are soon going to play in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador, so there will be plenty of nice things to film ;)4. Skateboarding and punk rock are both counter culture scenes that seem to go hand in hand as we can see from your video. How has being skaters helped you to bond with your fans and/ or gain new fans?
    A: I grew up with the punk and skate scene/culture, and I’m still fueled by it. Skaters and punks from around the world are all part of the same vibe-lifestyle-ethos so it’s easy to connect with that crowd.5. Speaking of countercultures, we at Skunk Magazine/Puff Digital are pro marijuana and we are interested in knowing what your thoughts are on weed, edibles and/or CBD?
    A: For me it used to be all about THC but now is all about CBD

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    6. What is your secret for maintaining the momentum and artistic passion in a band that has been around for over 15 years?
    A: PASSION mixed with Friendship

    7. Your showcase at CMW marks the next chapter for We Are Wolves, what can your fans look forward to next from the band?
    A: No limits!!! experimenting and going back to the primitive original We are Wolves sound, in any language possible, pushing things further and maybe a cheesy power ballad someday….  Everything  is possible!!!


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