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Weed and Hashish at Spannabis/Off-Spannabis/Barcelona 2019

Weed and Hashish at Spannabis/Off-Spannabis/Barcelona 2019

Barcelona ensnared me in her charms for weeks! And I loved it 🙂

I am back from a trip to Barcelona for Spannabis and I have so much to share. I headed across the pond a few weeks ago to enjoy Spannabis 2019. I was honored to be asked to be a judge for both Masters of Rosin and Terp Tower Invitational. I also had the wonderful opportunity to make hash at Dank Grass Club and with Bobby Kalada at La Kalada. In between my daunting obligations of judging over 50 rosin entries for Masters of Rosin and flower and solventless for Terp Tower, I managed to get in a bit of fun. The social club scene is unlike any other around the world. These member-driven associations are unique in every way; from the decor to the ambiance, the flower, the hash, the food, the service, and the overall vision. Besides delighting in each novel experience, my favorite part about going to Barcelona is meeting people from around the word. Each one of us has a different story abut our involvement in cannabis. We share our adventures. triumphs, tragedies, and love for this plant. It is truly a magical experience that I would suggest to any ganja lover.

When we weren’t talking though, we were smoking until the wee hours of the morning. It’s no wonder I am still off track with regards to sleep.

You know my cure for that…more cannabis…and hash.

Being a hash culture, there was hash everywhere and I was over the moon. Many thanks to all the people who shared their hash creations with me. Best believe that over the course of two weeks, I did my darndest to absorb as much as I taught. This cannabis game is a two way street. Each one teach one.

My passions for Hashish was further ignited by the excellent quality that was provided at the clubs. I saw the most gorgeous Moroccan dry sift, the juiciest iceolator, the most pristine freeze-dried bubble hash, and dank rosin to satisfy the snobbiest connoisseur. Everything was truly splendid.

Endless love to La Kalada, HQ, Strainhunters, The Plug, Terps Army, Dank Grass, Choko, We Flowers, Firehouse BCN, Betty Boop, Bulldog Barcelona, Aranua, Gorilla Club, CSC Greenardo, Marimberos, Mr. Teddy and every one who has ever shown me love. You mean the world to me!


My niche is #Hashish.

#Cannabis flower fuels my power.

Rolling logs and blowing fog.


Today is a great day to be awesome.

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