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WEEDS Supports Our Glass Industry


WEEDS Supports Our Glass Industry

WEEDS is a proud supporter of local glass art and artists, and has built valuable relationships with talented glass blowers across BC since 2013. As our industry thrives, the niche market for functional glass continues to evolve and expand. WEEDS takes pride in retailing some of the best glass art pieces in Canada, while also supporting a community of talented artists.  

Gibson Glass Works

Gibson Glass Works

Gibson began his inspirational journey through his mentors since he was 2004. He initiated a business plan to pave his path into a livelihood. Gibson has taught many students as well as exploring live demos at various glass blowing events. His talents and teachings have been inspiring to many artists and has continued to inspire many people in the industry.

Gibson Glass Works

His signature collections are unique and identifiable as functional and artistic. From his Gib-Saw, to Gib-Lock, to his infamous Banana collections, Gibson has something fun for everyone.  Gibson Glass pieces are functional, creative and artistic. We are proud to have him on board as a partner!

Leash Glass

Leash Glass

Made in her elements of nature, Leash Glass offers a stunning array of sculpted glass collections as well as many functional pieces. Her artistic results always offer collectors something to admire, as well as show off.  Inspirational pieces can be identified as sexy, pretty and feminine. You can easily identify some of her signature creations resembling  glass women sculptures. 

Leash started her glass blowing  career back in 2005 when she decided to focus on her skills full time. Today Leash spends her time creating stunning functional pieces as well as other glass art such as pendants and spoons.

Red Beard Glass

Red Beard in action

Red Beard’s outstanding glass art can be easily identified as unique and fun (and funny too!). Red Beard has a gift for thinking outside the box when it comes to his concepts, and easily grabs the attention of glass admirers. His collaborations with other artists have also made heads turn and has made his fans excited. His concepts are unparalleled to the glass industry, which puts Red Beard in a class of his own.

Red beard  grew up in South-western Ontario, near the tourist town of Grand Bend. His parents owned a garden center with greenhouses, and a landscaping and lawn-maintenance business. He began working at a young age, helping his parent’s customers, watering plants, and pulling weeds. Skills that Red Beard  would need later in life. Red Beard worked hard growing up and remains a hard worker today. He has a family and works in his glass shed on a daily, and also works with friends, making some creative collabs. His 17 year oldest son, Aidan, has been actively blowing glass for over four years with Red Beard’s guidance and mentoring. Aidan creates some amazing spoons and also helps his father with his work. It’s a family business!



Established in June of 2013, Don Briere and Carol Gwilt nurtured WEEDS® to become Canada’s #1 trusted and progressive Cannabis Dispensary franchise. With multiple stores expanding across Canada, WEEDS® additionally offers bilingual mail order services for more discreet retail. WEEDS® believes in providing its members with quality information and quality cannabis. The integrity of WEEDS® brand offers a reassurance to its members and communities through educational information and reliable products they can trust. WEEDS® brand is Tried Tested and True since 2013.


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